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Life Skills for State and Local Prisoners
Demonstration Project Abstract

Program Title: Life Skills for State and Local Prisoners

Project Title: Offender Re-Entry Program

Award Number: V255A000044

Project Director: Paul Sheehan
Awardee: Hampden County Correctional Center
Address: 627 Randall Road
City, State, Zip: Ludlow, MA 01056
Telephone: 413-547-8000 ext. 2137

Funds for Fiscal Year 2000:$862,883
Other Federal:$0
Total Funds:$1,251,881

Award Period: September 1, 2000 to August 31, 2003

Federal Project Officer: U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education, Division of National Programs, Office of Correctional Education, (202) 205-5621

Objectives: To enable inmates to receive intensive life skills training, enhanced employment skills, and continuing transition assistance as they prepare to move back into the community.

Procedures: Emphasize 1) an enhanced and standardized program using a cognitive skills and job readiness curricula; 2) transitioning through assessment procedures, Individual Service Plans, electronic and secure case management; 3) integrating the local workforce development; 4) work experience/construction training; and 5) cultural competency and mentoring programs.

Outcomes/Results/Products: A replicable model for reducing recidivism. The program evaluation, conducted through the assistance of the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning (NCSALL), will determine if the program is generating prosocial changes in behavior, provide qualitative and quantitative feedback to staff to facilitate program development, and be made available to the wider criminal justice community.

Target Population: Incarcerated adults
Estimated Number of Trainees: 120
Partners: None

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