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U.S. Department of Education

Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE)

Division of National Programs (DNP)

Program Title: Life Skills for State and Local Prisoners

Project Title: Delaware Life Skills Program

Award Number: V255A40045

Project Director: Dr. Bruce Hobler

Awardee: Delaware Department of Corrections

Street Address: 820 North French Street, Carvel Building, 4th Floor

City, State, Zip: Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Telephone: (302) 577-6560

Fax: (302) 577-6653

Funds By Fiscal Year: Federal: FY 1994$293,608
Other Federal: $
Non-Federal: FY 1994$125,711

Total Funds: $419,319
Federal Funds - 70 percent of total funds

Award Period: November 15, 1993 - November 14, 1996

Federal Project Officer: : Carolyn Fuqua, Office of Correctional Ed, (202) 205-5621

Objective: To reduce recidivism through the development and improvement of life skills and literacy.

Procedures: Inmates eligible for parole (from 4 prisons) will be randomly assigned to participate.Two cycles of 150 inmates will receive the program within one year. A control group will be compared to the program group one year after release.

Outcomes/Results/Products: Eighty-three percent of participants in each cycle will complete the program with 75 percent progressing one academic level.Upon completion, participants will have lower recidivism and a significantly greater average score in academic and applied skills when compared to the control group.

Educational Level (s): Adults

Target Population (s): Incarcerated adults

Estimated Number of Trainees: 300 per year

Partner (s): Delaware Department of Corrections, Bureau of Community Custody and Supervision

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