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Choosing Life Skills - January 1998

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Goals for Living: Managing Your Resources


Goodheart-Wilcox Company, Inc.
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Tinley Park, IL 60477-6243


The World of Work, Practical Living Skills, Personal Growth and Management, Social Skills: managing your daily life; making decisions based on your needs, values, goals, and standards; using resources; a healthy self concept; understanding yourself and others; a caring family; family management; successful relationships; communicating effectively; parent/child relationships; husband/wife relationships; physical and mental health; coping with stress; the environment; child development; influencing children?s growth; diet; food budgeting; preparing and serving meals; appealing and nutritious meals; clothing and its care; household needs; an attractive and efficient home; financial planning; credit; financial security; consumer rights and responsibilities; consumer choices; career plans; finding a job; success


Interest level adolescents to adult; literacy level 5-7


Text: student textbook, student activity guide/workbook, teacher's guide.

Supplementary materials: Answer key for textbook and activity guide


Teacher directed


Negotiate with sales staff.


Text, $31.95; student activity guide, $7.80; answer key, $3.60; teacher's guide, $31.50

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