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Choosing Life Skills - January 1998

Product Description


Life Skills Inventory by Albert Brigance®


Curriculum Associates, Inc.
5 Esquire Road
No. Billerica, MA 01862-0901


Practical Living Skills, Personal Growth and Management, Social Skills: speaking and listening, functional writing, common signs and warning labels, telephone skills, money and finance, food, clothing, health, travel and transportation


Life Skill Inventory 2-8; older youth to adult; principally English-speaking, although there are suggestions for ESL in the teacher's guide; not gender or culture specific.


Print: seven-ring binder, Learner Record Book, Program Record Book

"Inventory" binder (200+ pages) includes reproducible pages for group administration, directions for assessing learners individually or in a group setting, and opportunities to assess by observation in school or work settings.


Teacher directed; useful mainly as a supplemental resource rather than a curriculum.


Negotiate with sales staff.


Life Skills Inventory binder, $89.95 each
Records Books, 10 for $24.95, 100 for $229.00

Legal Considerations



Correlates with SCANS Foundation Skills. A "Quick-Screen" feature contains sampling of items from each skill area and helps to determine the level at which a learner entering the program is functioning, verify the results of other assessments given the learner, and identify areas where more detailed assessment is needed. In-depth skills assessments range in difficulty from grade levels 2-8. No special training or additional materials are necessary to perform assessments.

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