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Choosing Life Skills - January 1998

Product Description


Social Thinking Skills


Clear Pointe Press
(Katherine A. Larson, Author)
3875 Telegraph Road Bldg. A-375
Ventura, CA 93003


Personal Growth and Management, Social Skills: how to identify problems, feelings, and emotions; how to control anger; goal setting, conflict resolution, problem solving, assertiveness; being socially appropriate when facing peer pressure and criticism


Juveniles and adults, all ability and achievement levels, male and female. Not culture-specific. Program has been used with learning handicapped and emotionally disturbed incarcerated adolescents, college level young adult offenders, secondary school adjudicated youth and adult offenders.


Print: three-ring notebooks, workbooks, small posters, activity sheets; teacher's manual


Open entry possible, but lessons have an order and sometimes refer to earlier lessons. No suggested class size or type of class composition. Teacher acts as group discussion leader and facilitator; teacher explains objectives and directs review exercises.


Teacher's manual and record chart to track student progress; teacher training not required.


1-2 sets $250.00 each, $6.00 s/h
3-5 sets $225.00 each, $4.00 s/h
6-9 sets $210.00 each, $3.50 s/h
10 or more sets $199.00 each, $3.00 s/h
Follow-up manuals $9.95 each, $1.00s/h

Legal Considerations

Materials are copyrighted but may be copied for reuse.


There are two versions, one written specifically for offender populations (both juveniles and adults), and one for community as well as institutional programs. The second version is designed to be implemented in public and private school education and counseling programs, as well as in community-based counseling programs such as substance abuse treatment centers and mental health programs.

Formal tests:

Larson & Gerber (1987) tested efficacy of teaching to youthful offenders incarcerated in a state youth prison.

Larson (1987) tested efficacy for enhancing junior high school transition in difficult to teach, low income minority pupils.

Larson (1987) tested efficacy for increasing parole success of low functioning youth paroled to inner city neighborhoods.

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