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Children's Health Insurance Program

At least eleven million children in this country have no health coverage -- that means hard working parents with low incomes are forced to pay large medical bills if their children get sick. The U.S. Department of Education, one of the nation's strongest advocates for children, is concerned because healthy children learn better and faster than those who are not healthy. That is why the Department of Education is working with teachers, principals, researchers, and others to notify families with low to moderate incomes about the HHS CHIP LogoChildren's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). CHIP provides health coverage for children whose families earn too much to be eligible for Medicaid but not enough for private insurance. With CHIP, parents can feel secure in knowing that quality health care will be available when their children need it.

Working families with uninsured children 18 years of age and under may qualify for reduced or no-cost health coverage under CHIP or other State Health programs. Picture of a FamilyParents and guardians should contact their State health insurance offices to find out if they are eligible.

Last Modified: 05/31/2006