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Department of Education

FY 1999 Budget Summary

We must continue to invest in the education and training of our people and we must succeed in our push for high national standards and tests to make sure students, our schools, and our teachers are doing the job.

William J. Clinton
August 1997

Department Seal

FY 1999 Budget Summary Table of Contents

Summary of the 1999 Budget

The 1999 Education Budget by Program Area

  1. Elementary and Secondary Education
  2. Bilingual and Immigrant Education
  3. Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
  4. Vocational and Adult Education
  5. Postsecondary Education
  6. Educational Research and Improvement
  7. Departmental Management

Appendix 1:  Total Expenditures for Education in the United States

Appendix 2:  Detailed Budget Table by Program

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PDF  FY99 Budget Summary (447K)

PDF  FY99 Budget Summary Appendices (195K)

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