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Welcome to TFAP!

Federal Student Aid's Training for Financial Aid Professionals (TFAP) website contains information on our current and future training activities and learning resources.

To help you choose training that's tailored to your needs, we've identified the experience level and functional role appropriate for each series. If you're in the first two years on the job (or just want a "refresher"), see our listings for New Financial Aid Professionals. If you need training on a specific financial aid system or in a specialized area of financial aid administration, check out courses in Training for Specific Functions.

Going to training at one of our regional offices? Check our directions and other helpful information for FSA Regional Training Facilities. If you take training remotely via your computer, we provide materials that you can download.

• • • Announcements • • •

Available now

Live Webinar—The FISAP in the COD System

We are pleased to announce an instructor-led, online training session that will provide information on the upcoming transition of business processes for the Campus-Based programs to the COD System.
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Live Webinar—Correcting Reported Gainful Employment Data in NSLDS

We are pleased to announce an upcoming webinar that will provide information about the reporting process in NSLDS for GE programs, including how to correct previously reported data.
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FSA Coach—2017–2018 Basic Training Course for Foreign Schools

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new FSA Coach Basic Training for Foreign Schools course, an introductory web-based tutorial on federal student aid program administration in a foreign school setting, which is now available for the 2017–2018 award year.
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Last updated February 20, 2018

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