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The school participation division (SPD) for your school helps you with the eligibility and certification process, including recertification and updates to your school's eligibility information, conducts program reviews at selected schools, and reviews audits submitted on behalf of your school. You can look up the SPD for your school below.

School Participation Team Map

Eligibility: You can use the E-APP to apply for recertification, reinstatement, or to report a change in ownership, or to update a current approval. Updates include changes such as, but not limited to, name or address change, new location or program, increased level of offering, change of officials, or mailing address for publications. See Volume 2 of the FSA Handbook for more information on eligibility and updating requirements. Contact your SPD if you have questions about your school's eligibility.

Program Reviews: The Department periodically conducts program reviews at participating institutions. For your information, the Program Review Guide used by the Department is available online. See Volume 2 of the FSA Handbook for more information, and contact your SPD if you have questions.

Audits: Schools are required to arrange for regular independent audits that include the operation of the Federal Student Aid programs. With eZ-Audit you submit audit information online. For more details visit the eZ-Audit website. You can also read the archived frequently asked questions and registration instructions.

The Department's Office of Inspector General maintains a catalog of audit guidance, where you can find the Audit Guide, which provides information about auditing proprietary schools and third-party servicers, and the Compliance Supplement, which is used for audits of public and non-profit institutions. Volume 2 of the FSA Handbook contains more audit information. Contact your SPD if you have questions about audit requirements or a specific audit.

Last updated February 12, 2020

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