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Lenders and Guaranty Agencies

As the Service Director of Federal Student Aid's Partner Eligibility and Oversight Services, I welcome you to the Lender and Guaranty Agency website. This site is intended to provide cohort default-related information, references, and resources in one location.

I invite you to read the question and answer section in which we include our most frequently asked questions. Should you need any further information regarding lender and guaranty agency cohort default rates, please contact our hotline at (202) 377-3053. Should you need information regarding school cohort default rates, please call (202) 377-4259 or e-mail

For questions related to default prevention, contact For consolidated delinquency and default prevention resources, refer to the Default Prevention Resource Information webpage.


Marcus DeCosta
Director, Cohort Default Rates Group
Partner Eligibility and Oversight


Last updated September 29, 2021

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