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Electronic Cohort Default Rate (eCDR) Notification

In March 2003, the Department of Education (the Department) implemented eCDR Notifications (see Dear Colleague Letter GEN-03-05). All schools must participate in this electronic process to receive notice of draft and official cohort default rates (CDRs). Through electronic delivery via the Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) your school will receive draft and official CDR notification packages instantly and electronically rather than through a courier service as a hard copy. If a school does not enroll in eCDR, they will not receive official notice of its cohort default rates. We encourage any school not already signed up for the eCDR process to do so by completing the enrollment form on the SAIG Enrollment website (

Each eCDR package will contain: (1) a cover letter (message class SHDRLROP), (2) the school's loan record detail information in a reader-friendly format (message class SHCDRROP), and (3) the school's loan record detail information in an analysis-friendly extract format (message class SHCDREOP). Please refer to eCDR Download and File Reviewing Instructions.

These packages are sent to the SAIG mailbox for the destination point designated by your school, including a third party servicer if desired. The electronic process is the sole means by which the Secretary provides notice to eligible domestic and foreign schools of their draft and official CDRs and underlying data. If a technical problem caused by the Department results in an inability to access the data, schools have five business days from the receipt of the eCDR notification package to notify Partner Eligibility and Oversight Services at

For each distribution cycle, the Department will post the date when it will send the eCDR package to each school's designated SAIG account on the Knowledge Center (SAIG Mailboxes). The time periods for making appeals and challenges and seeking adjustments under 34 CFR part 668 subpart N will begin with the sixth business day after the date the default rate notification packages were transmitted to the SAIG destination points, as noted in the electronic announcements posted on the Knowledge Center.

If you need additional information regarding eCDR notification, contact the Partner Eligibility and Oversight Services Hotline at (202) 377-4259 or e-mail us at

Last updated September 29, 2021

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