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Closed School Weekly/Monthly Reports

The Closed School Weekly/Monthly Reports (CSMR) are the official lists that guaranty agencies may use to discharge loans for students who meet the eligibility requirements under 34 CFR Section 682.402(d) of the Federal Family Education Loan Program regulations.

Weekly Closed School Search File:

All closed schools can be found in the Closed School Search File. This is an Excel spreadsheet, so you need to have that application on your computer (for use with Excel 2010 or later). See the search instructions for help in finding specific schools in this file. There is also a copy of the spreadsheet for users with older versions of Excel. These reports are usually posted by the second business day of the week. The data is compiled at 9pm on the Friday of the previous week. The data in the search file is cumulative to the date it was compiled. School closures are not always immediately reported, so some closed school information will be delayed and will not appear until it has been entered into PEPS and compiled on the following Friday. Actual closure dates will be reflected in the report once it's available.

Monthly Closed School File:

The reports below contain two sections. Section I lists all the closed schools reported during the month. Section II lists the changes or updates to schools already in Postsecondary Education Participants System (PEPS) or to school closure data that was in error. These reports are usually posted the first business day of the month for the previous month. The data is compiled the same day the report is generated. The reports only show the closed school information for that previous month. For example, February Closed School Reports will be posted on March 1 or the first business day after.

Students who are looking for transcripts can get more closed school information.

The reports are saved in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF), so you must use the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. If you do not already have the Acrobat Reader, a free copy may be downloaded at:

If you experience technical problems receiving or opening the reports, or any issues with the accessibility of these materials and require the information in an alternate format, please send an email to FSA_PEPS@ED.GOV.

October 2023
Section I
Section II

September 2023
Section I
Section II

August 2023
Section I
Section II

July 2023
Section I
Section II


If you are aware of a school closure that has not appeared on the Closed School Monthly Report, please notify the appropriate School Participation Division contact.

When reporting a new closure, please provide the closure date (the date the school ceased to provide educational instruction in all programs of study) as well as the following information, if available:

  • Arrangements made by and for students to complete their education;
  • Arrangements made for maintaining the academic records; and
  • Information about whether the school was covered by a state tuition recovery fund or performance bond.


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