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Communicating with students and parents

Completing the Direct Loan MPN

Students and parents can complete an MPN electronically via the Web site at

Many schools have launched intensive on-campus campaigns to ensure their students complete an MPN. This requirement was easily communicated to returning students through e-mail, posters, notices in the school newspaper, the Web page for the financial aid office, and other media.

Some schools also found that if they sent postcards to students’ campus and home addresses, the mailed notices were more likely to get attention than e-mail messages. Schools with on-campus housing may also want to encourage the resident advisors (RAs) or other housing staff to post reminder messages on bulletin boards and make student loans a topic for dormitory meetings.

Options for Consolidating

A Direct Consolidation Loan may make payments more manageable by combining multiple federal student loans into one loan with one monthly payment. Therefore, you may wish to include the following basic information about consolidation in your communications to student and parent borrowers:

  • For borrowers with student loans from multiple lenders, a Direct Consolidation Loan simplifies loan repayment. All the borrower’s eligible federal student loans are consolidated into one loan that is repaid in a single monthly payment to one servicer. A Direct Consolidation Loan has a fixed interest rate based on the weighted average of the interest rates of the loans consolidated.
  • To learn more about when a borrower may consolidate, the pros and cons of doing so, and the application process, student and parent borrowers should go to the loan consolidation page or call the Loan Consolidation Information Call Center at 800/557-7392 (TDD/TTY: 800/557-7395).

Sample Communications

To assist you in developing communications about your school’s participation in the Direct Loan Program, we have developed sample text for key communications. The sample text has been written as generally as possible to cover the widest range of school and borrower needs. In some cases, you may need to modify the sample text to reflect your school’s processes and procedures. We have identified such text through instructions within the sample text labeled "Usage Notes for Schools."

The samples are as follows:

  • Sample Direct Loan Note for Award Letter—This text may be added to award letters that include a Direct Loan as part of the financial aid package. The text directs the student to additional information that you enclose, attach, or make available on your Web site.
  • Sample Postcard or E-mail Reminders—This text may be used to remind students to complete a Direct Loan MPN (one sample) and/or Direct Loan Entrance Counseling (two samples), as required. The text directs the student to the Web site for online completion; however, you may modify the text to reflect your school’s processes and procedures.

Key Messages

► Your school is awarding Direct Loans at the beginning of the next term/academic year.

► Direct Loans have benefits, such as an Income Contingent Repayment plan and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

► All students and parents who have not previously received a Direct Loan must complete a Direct Loan MPN. The MPN can be completed electronically at Paper copies are also available through your school’s Financial Aid Office.


► Posters in academic buildings, dining halls, dormitories, and campus transportation system

► Announcements in the school newspaper

► Flyers

► Notice on the financial aid Web page

► Postcard and e-mail reminders to students and parents

► Announcements, reminders, and follow-up by RAs through personal contact, dormitory meetings, etc.

Last updated October 28, 2015

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