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Grants 2001

This document is an archival file for historical purposes only. It may contain non-working links. For current grant news, see

FY2001 Grant Awards

  • Press Release, October 4, 2001. FY 2001 Safe Schools/Health Students Initiative Grant Awards announced.

  • Press Release, October 1, 2001, FY 2001 Middle School Drug and Safety Coordinator grants announced.

  • The FY 2001 grant awards under the Physical Education for Progress grant program have been announced. This initiative supports innovative approaches to health and physical activity that equip students with the knowledge to be healthy and physically active for a lifetime. Link to grant award recipients and project abstracts -- MS Word [47.5K]

  • In Fiscal Year 2001, 14 grants were awarded under the Grant Competition to Prevent High-Risk Drinking and Violent Behavior Among College Students. These campus- and community-based organizations have been funded to develop or enhance, implement, and evaluate strategies to prevent high-risk drinking and/or violent behavior among college students.

  • In Fiscal Year 2001, 31 new grants were awarded under the Elementary School Counseling Demonstration Program MS Word [50K]. This program provides resources to enable schools to develop promising and innovative approaches for initiating or expanding elementary school counseling.

  • Press Release, March 16, 2001. "Education Department Awards First Grant Under Project SERV To Santana High School District." The grant is the first of its kind under Project SERV, a new program created to provide financial assistance to local school districts that have experienced a traumatic event such as a school shooting. Project SERV makes funds available to those districts for use in connection with event response and the reestablishment of a safe environment that is conducive to learning.

FY 2001 Funding Opportunities

  • Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative (84.184L)

  • More information about the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative

    • Technical Assistance for the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative

      Technical assistance will be made available via conference calls for applicants applying for funding under the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative. Applicants are encouraged to participate in these calls to learn more about the Initiative and the application process, and to pose questions to program staff. Each call will last approximately one hour.

      Technical assistance conference calls are scheduled for the following dates and times:

      • June 11, 2001 3 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST)
      • June 18, 2001 3 PM EST June 25, 2001 3 PM EST
      • June 28, 2001 3 PM EST
      • July 9, 2001 3 PM EST

      Conference Call Dial-In Instructions

      Participants should dial (888) 604-5272 for each conference call. You will need to state that you wish to be directed to the "Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative" conference call, and provide your name and affiliation. You will then be placed on hold until the start of the call.

      Conference Call Playback

      If you are unable to participate in a live conference call, you will be able to access a digital recording of each call. Access to the recording is available beginning four hours from the time the conference call ended. Recordings will be available for three days after each call.

      To access the recordings of conference calls that take place on June 11, June 18, and June 28, please dial (888) 891-9590.

      To access the recordings of the June 25 and July 9 conference calls, please dial (888) 892-2234.

      If you have any questions concerning the use of the conference call service, please call (800) 272-5663.

  • Physical Education for Progress Grant Program (84.215F)

  • Middle School Drug Prevention and School Safety Program Coordinators Grant Competition (84.184K) and Grant Competition to Prevent High-Risk Drinking and Violent Behavior Among College Students (84.184H)

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Models on College Campuses

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