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FY 1998 Model Demonstration Grants Program

The Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Community Act (SDFSCA) governs the Federal governments largest single source of funding for drug and violence prevention programs in the Nation's schools. The National Programs portion of the SDFSCA supports the development of innovative programs that (1) provide models of proven effective practices that will assist schools and communities throughout the nation to improve their programs funded under the State Grants portion of the SDFSCA; and (2) develop, implement, evaluate, and disseminate new or improved approaches to creating safe and orderly learning environments in schools.

Eligible applicants are State and local educational agencies; institutions of higher education; other nonprofit agencies, organizations, and individuals; and any combination of these entities.

Under the absolute priority published in the Federal Register on July 3, 1998 applicants who submitted proposals for the Model Demonstration Grants Program must have proposed projects that:

  1. Developed and implemented a model with specific components or strategies that are based on theory, research, or evaluation data;

  2. Identified outcomes intended to result in behavioral changes in youth served and other indicators of effectiveness of the model (e.g., improved bonding to school and to the community, reductions in disciplinary referrals, absence of firearms and other weapons in schools, acquisition of pro-social skills, and reduction in alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-use by the target population);

  3. Evaluated the model by using multiple measures to determine the effectiveness of the model and its components or strategies; and

  4. Produced detailed documentation of procedures and materials that would enable others to replicate the model as implemented at the original site.

Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program
Model Demonstration Grants Program

PR No: S184J980036
FY 1998

1948 Pineapple Avenue
Melbourne, Florida 32935
Contact: Kay Heimmer
(407) 259-7262

PREVENT! of Brevard, Inc. has been awarded Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Federal Programs Model Demonstration Grants funds in the amount of $609,325 to implement CHOICES, a middle school based universal prevention program designed to create safe, orderly and drug-free schools using effective practices. The target demonstration site for CHOICES is Clearlake Middle School located in the City of Cocoa, in east central Florida. Two additional schools in Cocoa will serve as comparative sites and the project will impact 1,200 students in its first year.

CHOICES goal will be achieved through two integrated strategies. The first strategy consists of five components for universal prevention which address multiple factors that predispose youth to drug use and violent behavior. It is modeled after the Midwestern Prevention Project and incorporates effective and promising program curricula. The second strategy, based on William Glasser's Quality Schools model, will create systemic change. This model is based upon the premise that as children's needs are met internally, a quest for achievement and satisfaction in academic areas will emerge.

By combining the alteration of the total school environment and actions to address alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, CHOICES will provide and test a comprehensive theoretical model, using the Logic Model as a conceptual framework. Successful implementation, documentation and evaluation methods will be replicated in other schools in the District following the initial three-year demonstration period.

Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program
Model Demonstration Grants Program

PR No: S184J980088
FY 1998

241 South Ocean Avenue Patchogue, New York 11772
Contact: Raymond Fell
(516) 758-1017

The Patchogue-Medford Public Schools System was awarded Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Federal Programs Model Demonstration Grants Program funds in the amount of $502,278 for the implementation of Project SAFE. Project SAFE will test the efficacy of a comprehensive prevention program which integrates youth development, classroom curricula, community involvement along with a media campaign.

Project SAFE is predicated on the premise that if students are provided with knowledge and skills to manage social interactions as well as activities which build resiliency and enhance protective factors, they will develop and demonstrate pro-social attitudes and behaviors.

The project will set out to improve the academic achievement and attendance of students in grades six through nine in a single middle school setting by increasing student bonding to school and negative attitudes towards drug usage; decreasing incidences of victimization, theft, and weapons possession; and decreasing student perceptions of the school as a safe environment including perception of gang activity and other violence indicators.

To accomplish objectives, research and/or evaluation-based activities will be conducted to develop cognitive skills in students to increase pro-social attitudes and behaviors, and to integrate students, teachers, parents and community personnel in initiatives to enhance the school environment. These initiatives include: impacting students with classroom curricula for drug and alcohol prevention, safety and service learning; developing teams of peer leaders to conduct peer mediation, assist teachers with the prevention curricula, and develop school improvement activities, including parent outreach; training teams of school and community personnel to assess needs, and implement programs to improve school safety and climate; and producing a video to promote the project and a school safety message.

Materials will also be developed to facilitate project replication.

Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program
Model Demonstration Grants Program

PR No: S184J80074
FY 1998

1361 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10128
Contact: Sanford A. Weinstein
(212) 998-5788

The Central Park Historical Society has been awarded Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Federal Programs Model Demonstration Grants Program funds in the amount of $956,921 for the implementation of the 100% Safe and Drug-Free Schools Project.

The 100% Safe and Drug-Free Schools Project is designed to change the culture of Wadleigh Secondary School through a multi-faceted model program that will reduce precursors to violence, in-school violence, and substance abuse levels by 25% in its initial year of operation, by 35% in its second year of operation, and by 40% in its third year. The target school is located in Central Harlem, a community widely known for its alarming socio-economic data. The overall goal is to assist students in developing resiliency to intense risk factors for violence and substance abuse.

Violence and substance abuse prevention services will be integrated into already existing systemic academic reform initiatives creating high expectations with regard to learning standards and behavior. The project proposes to change pupil behaviors by changing their attitudes and beliefs.

The PROJECT includes a proven, collaborative Leadership Program component. Aspects of the program include the integration of violence and substance abuse into systemic reform and use of case management protocols, school-to-work programming and guidance in documentation and materials development activities, parent and community involvement, theater arts programming, professional development linking prevention services to core curriculum, and evaluation services.

The PROJECT will produce a collaborative planning guide and a best practices resource manual for potential replicators.

Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program
Model Demonstration Grants Program

PR No: S184J980056
FY 1998

Office of Research Affairs
University of California-Riverside
Riverside, California 92521-0128
Contact: Cynthia Peck
(909) 787-4769

The Regents of the University of California was awarded Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Federal Programs Model Demonstration Grants Program funds in the amount of $811,476 for implementation of the Santa Ana Growing Up Well (GUW) project. The purpose of the project is to decrease the incidence and prevalence of health and behavior problems, particularly substance abuse and violence among elementary school age children using scientifically defensible interventions, delivered in a comprehensive approach.

The project will be implemented in a setting prone to high illegal drug trafficking and high rates of student expulsions, suspensions, and other high risk behaviors.

The project will address factors that predispose youth to drug use and violent behavior, its design reflects current knowledge regarding effective strategies for identifying and retaining high risk youth and their parents is program services, it identifies and addresses risk and protective factors at appropriate developmental stages to delay the initiation and reduction of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use, it will test the premise that primary prevention can significantly contribute to a safe and orderly environment as elementary school youth progress through their educational career, it will provide the early development of interpersonal, social and educational skills that prepare youth for productive, independent lives, and it will be implemented in a target area that mirrors the most challenging school and community environments.

A multi-media CD ROM will be produced in the third year of the program for dissemination through the National Clearinghouse of Alcohol and Drug Information.

Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program
Model Demonstration Grants Program

PR No: S184J980024
FY 1998

Family-Centered Programs
401 Greensboro Street
Starkville, MS 39759
Contact: Joan Butler
(601) 324-4063

The Department of Family-Centered Programs in the Starkville School District was awarded Safe and Drug-Free School, Federal Activities Grants Model Demonstration Grants Program funds in the amount of $543,729 to implement Project SAFE. The project is a comprehensive program designed to strengthen protective factors of approximately 300 fourth grade students by providing opportunities to develop a variety of skills and reduce factors that predispose youth to drug use and violent behavior.

The approach involves the use of the arts--visual, music, dance, and drama. The arts will be integrated into the curriculum using a multi-sensory approach of interdisciplinary teaching. The school will also operate an eight-week after-school program, a half-day summer program, as well as provide special events on Saturdays. Students in need of additional encouragement will be paired with a mentor for weekly activities. A community service component is also included will encourage students to give to others by volunteering within the community.

The project also calls for the formation of a Safe School Advisory Council with representatives from the school, families and community organizations. The Advisory Council will assess and recommend areas to be addressed. Families and the community will be a vital part of Project SAFE. A Family Center (to be housed in the school) will provide support by conducting special programs and services to involve families in a variety of monthly activities. Volunteers will be recruited from both the families and the community to become an active part in the creation of a safe and orderly school.

The project proposes a rigorous evaluation using both formative and summative data. The formative evaluation will be used to adjust and alter program activities/components, as needed. Traditional treatment integrity measures will be constructed and used to allow the assessment of each program component.

Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program
Model Demonstration Grants

PR No: S184J980019
FY 1998

Office for Sponsored Research
1350 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
Contact: Sharon Comvalis
(617) 495-5029

The Harvard University School of Public Health, Division of Public Health Practice was awarded a Safe and Drug-Free Schools Model Demonstration Grants Program funds in the amount of $732,723 to implement PEACEMAKING SKILLS FOR LIFE Project. The project is designed to promote safe, drug-free, and orderly learning environments by increasing the ability of children to make positive decisions and to avoid high-risk behavior. The secondary goal of the project is to assure that every adult in the child's life is trained to teach and reinforce PSL concepts both at home and in school.

The program focuses on elementary school children grades K-5 to include a training component for students, teachers, parents, counselors, and community members re violence and substance abuse prevention skills. The premise behind the project--early exposure to prevention programs increases a child's resiliency to violence and substance abuse and that prevention is most effective when it is introduced in the elementary years. It also factors in the fact that many habits and coping skills/strategies are adopted in the developmental stages during early elementary school and that elementary school students are exhibiting disruptive behaviors earlier than previous generations.

The approach is to incorporate two prevention programs--Lesson One Foundation's - Empowering Children to Survive and Succeed & Louis D. Brown Peace Institute - Peacemakers ABC programs into a single comprehensive prevention strategy. One of which focuses on avoiding risky behaviors while helping children internalize skills for life-time use and the other program focuses on cultivating peace among young people and adults through the use of literature to teach the value of peace and the constant practice of peaceful ways.

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