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Many Paths, One Journey: Building One America


Campus Week of Dialogue

National College Week

On June 14, 1997, President Clinton announced One America in the 21st Century: The President's Initiative on Race. This Initiative is a critical element in the President's effort to prepare our country to live as one America in the 21st century. He envisions an America based on opportunity for all, responsibility from all, and one community of all Americans. President Clinton's vision of One America in the 21st Century is to have a diverse, democratic community in which we respect, even celebrate our differences, while embracing the shared values that unite us. To reach that goal, the President has asked all Americans to join him in a national effort to deal openly and honestly with our racial differences.

During October 2000, the U.S. Department of Education will continue to promote both racial reconciliation and college opportunity, by sponsoring two initiatives. The two initiatives are the 3rd annual Campus Week of Dialogue, October 10th - 17th, and the 2nd National College Week, October 16th - 23rd. The initiatives' theme Many Paths, One Journey: Building One America reflects both efforts, educating students on diversity-related issues and providing all students the opportunity to succeed. Click on the links to the left to get specific information about the initiatives.

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