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The United States Department of Education and
The President's Initiative for One America

Campus Week of Dialogue 2000

Many Paths, One Journey: Building One America

October 10-17, 2000
Participation Reply Form


By participating in this historic effort, you will be helping to lead the country in a national conversation about America's racial diversity and about the strength it brings our nation. We appreciate your commitment to helping our country by organizing these events on your campus.

Name of College/University

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What activities will your campus organize?

Campus Town Hall Meeting on Race

Date, if known:

Campus-Community Partnerships

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Student Leaders Meeting

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Other Campus or Community Activitie(s) (Please describe below)

Don't know, but would like to receive more information
For more information please visit the Campus Week of Dialogue web site at for detailed information on conducting a dialogue session, and other helpful information.
If you can't schedule an activity during this week, indicate when you will organize your campus events

Please complete this form through our website: or respond by fax as soon as possible to: Donald Conner (202) 502-7873. If you have questions or comments, call Donald on (202) 502-7818 or call ReShone Moore on (202) 502-7893.

Thank you!

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