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Management Systems Improvement Group

Ann Manheimer, Director

Ann Manheimer serves as the Director of the Management Systems Improvement Group at the U.S. Department of Education. She is responsible for leading a team of program analysts to research, institute and evaluate better ways of managing the Department?s people and organizations. Ms. Manheimer began her career with the Department in 1978 as an education program specialist responsible for monitoring compensatory education programs for children of migratory workers. Then, beginning in 1982, for a period covering about twelve years, Ms. Manheimer served in various capacities as a management analyst, senior auditor and special assistant in the Office of Inspector General. There, she worked on a variety of activities including coordinating program audit activities, writing the Inspector General's semiannual report to Congress and helping to develop and implement an open, team-based organizational design. In the summer of 1993, Ms. Manheimer represented the Department of Education on the Vice President's Task Force on Reinventing Government. She served on the Health and Human Services Team and worked on issues pertaining to coordinated program service delivery.

Ms. Manheimer is a graduate of the Council for Excellence in Government Fellows Program and the U. S. Department of Education Management Development Program. She is active in the American Society for Public Administration. She has a Masters degree in administration from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from the University of Maryland. She is working part-time on a Doctor of Public Administration degree at the University of Southern California Washington Center.

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