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Management Systems Improvement Group (MSIG)

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Customer Communications Representatives (CCR's)
Pauline Scott - Team Leader - Management Systems Improvement Group

Leslie Cooper - Labor Relations Group

Vicky Cosey - Human Resources Group Debbie Feldman - Office of Hearings and Appeals

Tonya Johnson-Garner - Training and Development Group

Robert Kilpatrick - Equal Employment Opportunity Group
Mary Sandy - Quality Workplace Group Barbara Shawyer - Real Property Group

The role of the Customer Communications Representatives (CCR's) is to Market OM services to increase customer awareness and customer satisfaction. Activities may include parterning with Principal Offices to provide training in customer services, benchmark best practices in customer services, and/or serving as a resource in customer service approaches.

The mission of the Office of Management is to support the Department's mission of excellence in and access to education by providing excellent, reliable administrative support services and program expertise.
The Office of Management will become a results-driven, high-performing, model organizations, which creates an environment that encourages customer feedback, employee accountability, and performance measurements for success in order to provide the support services necessary to achieve the mission of the Department of Education.

We believe in our people and strive to expand their capacity to carry out our mission.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible working conditions and creating an environment that is fair, responsive to our employees.

We are committed to excellence and successful results through performance management and recognition of employees.

We will provide the highest standard of service to our customers.

The focus of the CCR's is to be proactive and customer-focused by providing a central point of contact for coordinating marketing and customer service activities for OM.


End Outcome: Ensure reliable access and a timely, coordinated, efficient response to request for all OM services.

Performance Target
Data Source
To provide customers high quality, timely and accessible service.

100% of OM managers are using the JIT survey information to improve access to and delivery of OM services.

80% of customers will agree all OM services are high quality, timely and accessible.

OM JIT surveys

Employees Survey and Focus Groups

      • Ensure development and delivery of OM JIT surveys for continuous improvements
      • Pilot a technology software to administer JIT surveys Develop Customer Commitment Pledge Card.
      • Establish a ?Raving Fan Wall.?
      • Develop strategies for providing workshops to front-line employees: one right referral, quality of replies to e-mails, correspondence and voice-mail messages, greeting of visitor

End Outcome: Promote the awareness and availability of all OM services, both administrative and programmatic.

Performance Target
Data Source
To familiarize customers with OM services. 80 % of customers will be aware of and understand how to obtain OM services. ED Employee Survey, OM JIT Surveys and Focus Groups.
  • Create electronic OM newsletter/bulletin boards.
  • Publish brochure that includes: Uniqueness of OM groups and key contact persons
  • Produce a Poster outlining OM Four Strategic Priorities.
  • Organize a ?Get Acquainted Day?.
  • Develop "Frequently Asked Questions" to post on the OM WWW Home Page

Desired End Results will be:

    • Providing information, services, and products that are timely, accessible and of high quality.
    • Increasing employees? knowledge of all OM services and functions.
    • Increasing employee awareness of customer service standards and the importance of good customer services.
    • Using customer survey information to continuously improve service.
    • Improving internal and external organizational communications with customers.



          • Developed an OM Marketing Plan
          • Piloted a customer survey tool to gather customer satisfaction data
          • Develop Action Steps for OM Front- line Employees Development
          • Sponsored training for OM Front-line Employees
          • Made presentation to the Director regarding OM Customer Service
          • Distributed posters communicating OM Strategic Plan?s Priorities
          • Organized a ?Customer Service Day?
          • Issued OM Newsletter "With Others in Mind"

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