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U.S. Department of Education, Community Update
Issue No. 89 August 2001
Photo of three boys at the National Conference for Community and Justice

"We're going to show that there are good people in every community and that we can work together for the common good."

Roy Kaplan, executive director of the Tampa Bay region
of the National Conference for Community and Justice

This Month's Focus:
Faith-based and Community Partnerships

Inside Update . . .

  • Anytown—Community Program Changes Tampa Youth from the Inside, Out
    A leadership program in Tampa, Fla., challenges high school students to become more active in their communities.

  • Leveling the Playing Field
    An interview with Christine Brooks, the new director of U.S. Department of Education's Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Center.

  • Satellite Broadcast Features Caring Partners
    Soundbites from a recent broadcast of the Satellite Town Meeting, "Faith-Based and Community Organizations: Partners for Stronger Schools."

  • Finding Common Ground
    Article by Sister Jennie Lechtenberg, founder and director of Puente Learning Center in Los Angeles, Calif., on building effective community partnerships.

  • New Report Outlines State of Education
    Annual report from the National Center for Education Statistics on the latest figures on the condition of American education.

  • Illinois Partnership Connects Fathers and Children
    A member of the Education's Partnership for Family Involvement in Education (PFIE), the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative looks for ways to strengthen dads' role in children's learning

  • About Our Partners
    A roundup of recent activities of PFIE members, including the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Committee on Public Education and Literacy of the National Council of Churches, Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc., and Public Private Ventures.

  • Calendar
    Schedule of conferences and other activities sponsored by PFIE members.

  • Rallying the Armies of Compassion
    An excerpt from President Bush's blueprint for increasing the involvement of faith-based and community partnerships.

  • Credits
    Community Update is published by the Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs, U.S. Department of Education.

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