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Outreach Sessions in 2002

The Teaching American History Program is planning to conduct a series of outreach sessions in preparation for its 2002 grant competition, which will award $100 million in grants to local school districts in partnership with providers of history expertise. The grant provides professional development for U.S. history teachers. A Federal Register announcement is expected in early April; but the sessions will be held whether or not the announcement is out by that time. Please call or email the contact person to check on details before making your plans to attend.

April 15

April 18

April 22

  • Tampa-Doubletree Hotel 1-4 PM Contact-Trudy Hensley, thensley@ets.org, Steve Brown, sjbrown@ets.org; 1-800-756-9003

April 23

  • New York City-New York University-Bobst Library, 1-4 PM-Contact-Fabiola Acuna, fabiola.acuna@nyu.edu; 212-998-5121

April 24

  • Philadelphia-Temple University, Kiva Auditorium, 1-4 PM, Contact-Robin Neal, rneal@nimbus.temple.edu; 215-204-4624 or David Zuckerman, dzuckerma@astrotemple.edu; 215-204-7194

April 25

April 29

  • Los Angeles-Autry Museum of Western Heritage, 4700 Western Heritage Way, (closest to Burbank Airport), 1-4 PM-Contact-Michelle Herczog, Herczog_Michelle@lacoe.edu, 562-922-6908; Tim Murphy, 562-922-6333.

May 6

May 9

  • Charlotte, NC-Adam's Mark Hotel, 1-4 PM. Contact: Charles Ahearn: cahearn@serve.org; 1-800-659-3204.

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