ARCHIVED INFORMATION -- Financial Management Status Report & Five-Year Plan - October 1996


The Department's status report and plans for improving financial management performance are outlined in this section. The plans have been developed to meet the requirements of the CFO Act, continue the implementation of the goals envisioned by the Financial Management Quality Implementation Team (QIT) in the Department's Financial Management Strategic Plan and ultimately to move toward realization of a very important objective in the Department's Strategic Plan.

Priority 4 in the Department's Strategic Plan is to transform the U.S. Department of Education into a high-performance organization. Objective 6 under that priority is to increase accountability through performance measures, improved financial management and evaluation. It was with this objective in mind that the Financial Management QIT developed the mission statement in ED's Financial Management Strategic Plan: To promote accountability through improved financial management. In support of that mission statement, the strategic plan provides four visions:

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