Department Of Education Records Management

ED's Records Disposition Schedules

ED No. Schedule Title
006 Financial Disclosure Reports
007 Legal Decisions and Opinions
008 Legislative Documents
012 Regulations — Federal Register Documents
015 Adams Order, Higher ED Files and Related Cases
016 Assurance of Compliance Statements
026 Education Discrimination Case Files (Amended)
031 Litigation Case Files
034 Office for Civil Rights, Delegation Agreements
037 Religious/Social Fraternity or Sorority Exemption Files
040 Civil Rights Survey Files
051 FSA National Student Loan Data Sytem (NSLDS)
052 Ombudsman Case Files
054 Organizational Records
056 Policy and Guidance Documents
057 Budget Records
060 Secretary's and Deputy Secretary's Meetings Files
062 Significant Correspondence
063 General Correspondence Files
064 Office Administrative Files
065 Reports to Congress and/or the President
066 Program Management Files
067 Calendars, Schedules, and Logs of Daily Activities
068 Program Development Files
069 FSA Financial Management System
072 FSA Application Origination and Disbursement Records
074 FSA Guaranty Agency, Financial & Education Institution Eligibility, Compliance, Monitoring and Oversight Records
075 FSA Loan Servicing, Consolidation, and Collections Records
076 FSA Program Improvement - Pilot Projects
078 FSA Default Management
083 FSA Personal Identification Number (PIN) Registration System
086 Information Systems Supporting Materials
091 Communications Records
094 Department of Education Institutional Review Board (IRB) Files (Intramural Research)
102 Recognition Programs Files
104 Information Technology(IT) Capital Investment Records
106 Enterprise Architecture Records
110 Supervisor's Personnel Files
111 Contract Management Records
112 Records Disposition Files
113 Forms Files/e-Forms Files
115 Operational, Interagency, International, or Internal Committees, Task Forces or Work Groups
116 Records Created by Advisory Commissions, Councils, Boards, and Other Groups Established under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA)
117 Committee Management Officer Records
118 National and International Conference Files
119 Development, Testing, and Maintenance of Computer Systems and Applications
120 Records Consisting of Extracted Information
121 Backups of Files
122 Downloaded and Copied Data
123 Leave, Time, and Attendance Records
124 Tracking and Control Records
131 Institution Construction Loan Servicing File - College Housing Program
142 Technical Reformat Files
144 Routine, Short-term Files
145 Telecommunications Use (Call Detail) Records
146 Department Space Files
147 Post Office and Private Mail Company Records
151 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests Files
152 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Appeals Files
153 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Control Files
156 Privacy Act Requests Files
157 Privacy Act Amendment Case Files
158 Privacy Act Accounting of Disclosure Files
159 Privacy Act Control Files
162 Family Policy Compliance Office Complaints and Technical Assistance
163 Information Collection Requests and Reports
164 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Records
165 Administrative Grievance, Disciplinary, and Adverse Action Files
166 Payroll Change Files
167 Payroll System Reports
168 Surplus Property Case Files
169 Surplus Personal Property Reports
170 Accountable Officers Files
171 Federal Employee Transportation Subsidy Records
172 Commercial Freight and Passenger Transportation Files
173 Directory Service Files
174 Credentials Files
175 Messenger Service Files
176 Telecommunications Records
177 Top Secret Accounting and Control Files
178 Facility Survey and Inspection Files
179 Property Pass Files
180 Visitor Control Files
181 Facilities Checks Files
183 Emergency Planning Case Files
184 Information Technology Facility, Site Management, and Equipment Support Services Records
185 Information Technology Asset and Configuration Management Files
186 Systems and Data Security Maintenance
187 Classified Document Container Security Files
188 Security Violations Files
189 Accreditation Case Files
191 Federal Real Property Assistance
192 Federal Real Property Assistance (FRPA) No Award Conveyance Files
194 Labor Management Relations Records
195 Motor Vehicle Files
196 Reimbursable Travel Files
197 Offers of Employment Files
198 Official Personnel Folders (OPF) - Civilian
200 Position Classification Files
202 Tax Exemption Files
204 Telework or Flexiplace Files
205 Certificates of Eligibles Files
206 Donated Leave Program Individual Case Files
207 Employee Performance File System Records
209 General Accounting Ledgers
210 Handicapped Individuals Appointment Case Files
211 Incentive Awards Program Reports
213 Employee Payroll Data
214 Examining and Certification Records
215 Analysis and Inspection (A & I) Records
216 Audit Records
217 Hotline Records of the Inspector General
218 Investigation Records of the Inspector General
222 Child Care Subsidy Program Files
223 Certificates Settlement Files
224 General Fund Files
225 Administrative Claims Files
226 Appropriation Allotment Files
227 Expenditure Accounting Posting and Control Files
228 Computer Security Incident Handling, Reporting and Follow-up Records
229 Information Technology (IT) Operations Records
230 Ethics Program Implementation, Interpretation, Counseling, and Development Files
235 Student Loan Repayment Benefit Case Files
241 Administrative Adjudication Case Files
243 Decisions Made by Hearing Officials, Administrative Law Judges, and the Secretary of Education
252 Civil Rights Case Files
253 Rulemaking Case Files
254 Grant Administration and Management Files
256 Construction Grants and Related Files
265 Computer Matching Agreement Files
266 ED Organizational Assessment (OA) and Performance Records
272 Privacy Act Administrative Records
273 FSA Access and Identity Management System

Last Modified: 06/20/2018