Rod Paige, U.S. Secretary of Education—Biography
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Education Secretary Rod Paige was born in Monticello, Mississippi, and he went to school there. Both of his parents were public school educators who taught him a lot and insisted that he read many books.

As the oldest kid in his family, he was in charge of making sure that his brother and sisters did all their homework every night.

After high school, he liked learning so much that he went on to college and kept graduating with degrees until he got the highest degree there is in Education.

Secretary Paige has been a teacher, a football coach, a college athletic director, a Dean of a College of Education, a school board president, and the Superintendent of all the schools in Houston—which is one of the largest school districts in America.

Secretary Paige really knows his way around a school!

Then in 2001, President Bush picked him to be the Secretary of Education for all of the schools in the United States. Now he is in charge of helping President Bush make sure that every one of us kids in America gets a really great education.

Secretary Paige is only the seventh person ever to be Secretary of Education of the United States. And he loves to wear his cowboy boots—especially when he kicks back with a good book to read.

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Last Modified: 08/23/2003