U.S. Department of Education Employs 158 College and Graduate Students in Summer Internships
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July 30, 2009
Contact: John White,
Press Secretary
(202) 401-1576 or

More than 150 college and graduate students have answered President Obama's call to service while interning at the U.S. Department of Education this summer. The 158 interns are from 93 different colleges and universities and are working in 21 different offices throughout the Education Department.

"Having vibrant college and graduate students interning at the department over the summer is invaluable. They bring innovative ideas along with the enthusiasm and vigor that college and graduate school fosters," U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said. "They are our next generation of educators and leaders. We are proud to have them here and we encourage others to serve."

"United We Serve" is a summer service initiative running from June 22 to September 11, focusing on promoting service in communities across America. In response to the president's call to service, the U.S. Department of Education implemented its "Read to the Top" program.

Throughout the summer, Secretary Duncan has been hosting cabinet secretaries and White House officials in weekly sessions in front of the Education Department building, reading to children, both to encourage summer reading and to help curb summer reading loss. Interns have been instrumental to the success of this program, developing, implementing and improving the program week after week.

Interns have also helped organize other service initiatives aimed at reducing summer reading loss. Along with Education Department staff, interns are visiting recreation centers, Boys and Girls Clubs and public libraries, reading to and tutoring a mix of children ranging from 5-year-olds to preteens. Regardless of the age of the child, the goal is the same: to maintain or improve their reading skills before they return to school.

The interns are not only learning how the federal government runs, but also helping improve the efficiency of their offices and actively participating in this historic opportunity to advance the quality of education for every student.

For service opportunities visit or for those interested in an internship with the Department of Education visit

Interns and School Attending

  • An-Li Herring
    University of Michigan

  • Jin Kim
    Georgetown University Law School

  • Timothy Argetsinger
    Dartmouth College

  • Danielle Combes
    American University

  • Alicia Johns
    Brigham Young University

  • Corey Argust
    Georgetown University Law School

  • Cattleya Concepcion
    Georgetown University Law School

  • Anthony Barnes
    Townson University

  • Carola Conces
    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Katherine Walker
    Georgetown University Law School

  • Henry Mills
    Williams College, MA

  • Ricki Meyer
    Northwestern University

  • Shavon Holland
    University of Maryland College Park

  • Sam Nayman
    NorthWestern University

  • William Packer
    Brown University

  • Erica McMillian
    Prince George's Community College

  • Emily Roessel
    University of Michigan

  • Kyle Condon
    University of TN

  • Anna Gregory
    Princeton University

  • Andeneshea Kemp
    University of Okalahoma

  • Jessica Kurtz
    Washington College of Law, American U.

  • John Siadak
    Washington College of Law, American U.

  • Raj Tiwari
    University of Michigan

  • Luke Cunningham
    Middleburry College

  • Katie Decker
    University of IA

  • Jessica Peng
    Vassar College

  • Antynese Boswell
    University of D.C.

  • Jasmine Welch
    The University of the Dirstrict of Columbia

  • Erika Brodis
    Prince George's Community College

  • Tenesa Brown
    Marymount University

  • Calvery Cooper
    St. Augustine's College

  • Alisha Gibson
    Salsibury State

  • Talia Harris
    Case Western Reserve University

  • Andrew Harris
    University of Chicago Laboratory High School

  • Kourtney Hill
    Shaw University

  • Rachelle Matthews
    Philadephia University

  • Brandi Jefferson
    Strayer University

  • Warren McNair
    University of Maryland Easter Shore

  • Janay McPherson
    Johnson C. Smith University

  • Tyesha Mitchell
    University of Phoenix

  • Sparkle Murray
    Fort Valley state University

  • Marcia Nealy
    Bennett College for Women

  • Jermaine Perrier
    University Of DC

  • Zewiditu Ruffin
    Eugene Lang New School for Liber Arts

  • Bianca Talley
    Johnson C. Smith University

  • Brianna Townsend
    Virginia Common Wealth University

  • Elijah Turner
    University Of DC

  • Le'Mia Tyree
    Prairie View A&M Univ.

  • Yoeona Villatora
    University of DC

  • Angela Walker
    Morgan State Univ.

  • Michael Wu
    Washington University St. Louis School Of Law

  • Anthony Adragna
    Middlebury College

  • Elise Hanks
    Middlebury College

  • Emma Moros
    Middlebury College

  • Julian Reid
    Yale University

  • Nia Winslow
    Hofstra University

  • Ronald Wright
    Clark Atlanta University

  • Shirley Co
    George Washington University

  • Zeest Haider
    Barnard College

  • Rocky Kno
    George Washington University

  • Nicole Long
    University of MD

  • Melanie Bennett
    Washington College of Law, American U.

  • Ariel Murphy
    Dartmouth College

  • Kara Tanaenbaum
    Emory University

  • Kevin Todd
    University of Michigan

  • Quana Hogan
    Prince George's Community College

  • Adam Thomas
    Stanford Law School

  • Kimeka Campbell
    Pennsylvania State University

  • Anthony Reid
    Bowie State University

  • Bernice Jauregui
    New Mexico State University

  • Danielle Gill
    Georgetown Univerisity

  • Alicia Burns
    Harvard Law School

  • Samuel Ryan
    DePaul University

  • Nikhil Phadnis
    University of Michigan

  • Clifton Jones
    U of Maryland

  • Soumya Sathya
    George Washington Univ.

  • Laura Quinn
    George Mason University

  • Paul Schneider
    Ursienus University

  • Victor Kirk
    Winson-Salem State University

  • Stephen Buckley
    National University of Ireland, Maynooth

  • Yalowitz Adam
    Northwestern University

  • Alana Biden
    Harvard University

  • Lauren McDade
    Towson University

  • Deirdre Smith
    Indiana University Mauer School of Law

  • Evan Wright
    Brown University

  • Antonio Ellis
    Howard University

  • Jerome Newton
    Howard University

  • Aaron Nobles
    Clark Atlanta University

  • Anthony Hughes
    University of Maryland

  • Mykeia Garrett
    Norfolk State University

  • Marcus White
    Bowie State University

  • Ebony Davis
    Frostburg State University

  • Evan Atkinson
    Elon Univeristy

  • Alexa Burr
    Georgetown University

  • Emily Cregar
    Michigan State University

  • Oliver Dolan
    University South Carolina

  • Bernard Harmon
    Southeastern University/UDC

  • Akisha Townsend
    Georgetown University Law School

  • Kelly Hughes
    Richard Kurtz

  • Hope Huynh
    Georgetown University

  • Jackson Jordan III
    North Carolina A & T

  • Archie Cubarrubia
    George Washington Univ.; Graduated 5/17/09

  • Stephanie Kreusser
    Georgetown University

  • Erin McDermott
    John Hopkins

  • Nyasha Tate
    University of MD

  • Lea Lopez
    University of DC

  • Tarika Mason
    Prince George's Community College

  • Ian Mason-Smolka
    University of Baltimore

  • Darryl McFadden
    Virginia State University

  • Brandon Middleton
    East Carolina University

  • Krishna Nambisan
    George Mason University

  • Cheron Pearson
    Bowie State University

  • Chelsea Smedley
    Montogomery College

  • Erica Greenberg
    Stanford University (School of Education)

  • Jamal Steward
    Bowie State University

  • Kevin Suyo
    Georgetown University

  • Cameron Washington
    North Carolina A & T

  • Robert Wiese
    Georgetown University

  • Lauren Williams
    Bowie State University

  • Delaunte Allen
    Wayne State University

  • Jeffrey Anderson
    North Carolina A&T

  • Asher Bartch
    Harvard University

  • Muriel Broussard
    Johns Hopkins

  • Alan Pryor
    University of Georgia

  • Sarah Camp
    West Springfield High School

  • Alexander Colbert
    Strayer University

  • Kabreya Ghaderi
    Richard Montgomery Highschool

  • Dennis Zeveloff
    Dartmouth College

  • Sharese Guest
    Hampton University

  • Katie LeCapitaine
    University of Michiganchigan

  • Hillary Harner
    Georgetown University

  • Alisha Jackson
    North Carolina A&T

  • Alisha Johnson
    Virginia Union University

  • Mark Johnson
    Montgomery College

  • James Jones
    University of Maryland Easternshore

  • Meghan Binford
    Rice University

  • John Lamm
    Mercyhurst College

  • Megan Ibbotson
    George Mason University

  • Valerie Peters
    Patricia Guard

  • Phavy Phan
    George Mason University

  • Brandie McCormick
    George Washington Univ.

  • Annie Ropeik
    Boston University

  • Jaime Valentine
    North Carolina A&T

  • Chrystal Vaughn
    North Carolina A&T

  • Brooke (Allyster) Blanks
    University of North Carolina, Greensboro

  • Bryce McKibben
    University of Washington

  • David Soo
    University of Pennsylvania

  • Elizabeth Hughes
    Clemson University

  • Susannah Cannon

  • Julia Mayer
    Boston University

  • Tanya Moorehead
    University of Central Florida

  • Michael O'Neal
    University of Central Florida

  • Scott Filter
    George Washington Univ.

  • Danielle Kim
    Smith College

  • Jingye (Peter) Zhou
    Syracuse University

  • Katie Walker
    George Washington University Law School

  • Taylor Henschel
    University of Cincinnati

  • Erika Okehie
    Howard University



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