OVAE Connection -- May 26, 2011
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Community College Virtual Symposium at Montgomery College

The Community College Virtual Symposium was held on April 27at Montgomery College in Silver Spring, Md. Organized by OVAE and sponsored by ED, the event was a capstone for a series that began last October with the White House Summit on Community Colleges, and was broadcast live to 1,200 registrants over the Web. Remarks were given by Montgomery College President DeRionne Pollard, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Dr. Jill Biden, and Under Secretary of Education Martha Kanter.

OVAE has led ED's efforts to continue a national discussion about community colleges by organizing regional summits held at community colleges in Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Houston, and San Diego. They were attended by educators, policymakers, and researchers, as well as by business, labor, philanthropy, and non-profit partners. The goal was to intensify the national focus on major issues faced by community colleges and increase the commitments to help them succeed in providing educational services to students and families.

As the culminating event, the symposium turned to scholars to review research about four critical topics related to student success:

  • Promoting College and Career Readiness Among Low Skilled Adults;
  • Aligning Secondary and Postsecondary CTE;
  • Connecting Curriculum, Assessment, and Treatment in Developmental Education; and
  • Integrating Industry-driven Competencies in Education and Training Through Employer Engagement.

In the coming weeks OVAE will post the results of these events on

OVAE Part of Interagency Council on Homelessness

The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) was created to reduce homelessness in the nation. USICH partners with 19 federal agencies, state and local governments, advocates, service providers, and people experiencing homelessness. The USICH aims to achieve the goals of Opening Doors, the first federal strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness. The Department is among several federal agencies with programs to support the needs of populations experiencing homelessness, and OVAE is a participating office. Please access the Department of Education's focus areas to learn about its efforts, such as Promise Neighborhoods, the first federal initiative to put education at the center of efforts to fight poverty in urban and rural areas.

Virtual Data Quality Institute 2011 to Be Held

On June 7 and 8, OVAE will host the second Web-based Virtual Data Quality Institute (VDQI), "Link, Ensure, Build: Incorporating CTE into State Longitudinal Data Systems." Sessions will focus on helping states to:

  • Link data for CTE students across secondary and postsecondary programs;
  • Ensure data can be accessed, analyzed, and used; and
  • Build the capacity of stakeholders to use data for decision making.

Participation is open to all interested parties. For more information, contact the Perkins Collaborative Resource Network (PCRN) website at:

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