OVAE Connection -- April 14, 2011
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Alliance for Excellent Education Presents Business and Higher Education Perspectives on College and Career Readiness

To address the shift in how public schools prepare students for the challenges of postsecondary education and the twenty-first-century workplace, policymakers must clearly understand what a college- and career-ready education means for students, teachers, schools, and external stakeholders. This conversation raises some important policy questions:

  • What knowledge, skills and dispositions matter most to business leaders and higher education officials?
  • What policy infrastructures—federal, state, and local—are necessary to ensure the delivery of such knowledge, skills, and dispositions?
  • How can business and higher education stakeholders play a more active role in the delivery of a college- and career-ready education?

To address these questions, the Alliance is hosting a three-part webinar series, College and Career Readiness: What Does It Really Mean?

Earlier this month, the Alliance hosted the webinar Business and Higher Education Perspectives . Panelists offered first-hand perspectives on what higher education institutions and businesses expect from the nation’s high school graduates and discussed the role these institutions and businesses can play in preparing high schools students for the rigors of postsecondary education and the workplace.

New Apps Support Students’ Career and Postsecondary Planning

More students than ever are accessing the Web via smartphones. According to the Nielsen Company, one-third of youths aged 15-24 in America owns a smartphone making it possible for more students to access the Web wherever they are. This provides an exciting opportunity to reach and educate young people! For example, here are four new mobile apps that will support students in their career and postsecondary planning via smartphone:

  • College Plan gives students and parents ways to decide which college is the best fit;
  • Career Rookie offers students and recent graduates the ability to search out internships, part-time jobs, and entry-level positions with the nation’s top employers;
  • CollegeSearch allows users to optimize their searches by selecting public or private schools and by using cost, enrollment, SAT and ACT average scores, and campus location as sorting factors; and
  • ASVAB Mobile, the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Program, a career exploration program, designed to make it easier for students to explore careers anytime, anywhere.

OVAE Welcomes George Alan Smith as Its New Chief of Staff

OVAE is delighted to welcome George Alan Smith as chief of staff. Smith comes from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education within the Office of the Mayor for the District of Columbia. He served in that office from June 2007, when he began as a member of the educational reform transition team. He served as the division chief for the agency’s Education Excellence Division from 2008 to 2009, when he was appointed as assistant superintendent for postsecondary education. He maintained that role and also served as acting assistant superintendent for elementary and secondary education. Smith’s responsibilities included adult education, career and technical education, and corrections education, each of which corresponds with major OVAE assignments, plus Higher Education Financial Services, Education Licensure Commission, and General Education Development (GED). Prior to his work in the District of Columbia, Smith served as associate director of the Fellows Program, within the Center for Effective Leadership at the American Council on Education from 2004 to 7 and as program advisor in the Teacher Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he received both his M. Ed. and Ed. D. He was also a two-year editorial board member of the Harvard Educational Review. Smith has worked as a middle school specialist for Cambridge Public Schools, a research assistant for the Harvard Principals’ Center, a consultant for the Leadership Development Initiative in Boston Public Schools, and a research consultant for both the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston and Policy Studies Associates, Inc. He is a founding board member of the Septima Clark Public Charter School for Boys in Washington, D.C. Recently, Smith was accepted in the American Association of State Colleges and Universities’ (AASCU) Millennium Leadership Initiative (MLI), which is designed to help prepare mid-career professionals for executive leadership positions in higher education.

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