The Education Innovator #II
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The Education Innovator
 January 20, 2003 • Number II
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What would Edgar Allan Poe think of the Raven's cawing on the Internet? Maryland Public Television has launched an interactive website for middle and high school students and teachers to learn more about the life and work of Poe that combines literature and history. This site is part of Thinkport, which is made possible by a Star Schools grant.

Thinkport is a resource for Maryland educators, families, and communities from Maryland Public Television and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education. The site is organized around four sections: Think Classroom, Think Career, Think Technology, and Think Family & Community. Think Classroom offers lessons, instructional TV, online field trips, and online video clips. Teachers can enroll in continuing professional development classes through Think Career.

Note: The featured program is innovative but does not yet have evidence of general effectiveness from a rigorous evaluation. The success of the program may not be replicable, depending on unique conditions in differing locations.


What's New
From OII

Deputy Under Secretary Rees spoke at an education reform speakers series sponsored by the GEO Foundation. Her speech was part of a visit to Indiana where she discussed the national education agenda and Indiana's efforts with state legislators and education leaders. She also delivered a presentation on No Child Left Behind to the Senate Education Committee, met with State Superintendent of Public Instruction Suellen Reed, and discussed charter schools with Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson. (Jan. 20)


Innovations in the News

The parents, teachers, and students at May Elementary School in San Antonio, TX, are committed to having all students reading at grade level by the end of third grade. See how students get the help they need to succeed. [More-San Antonio Express-News] (Jan. 13)

Schools are borrowing ideas from business on how to use technology to upgrade the blackboard. [More-New York Times] (registration required) (Jan. 12)

Entrepreneurial Initiative
Wisconsin is considering a "foundation" approach to solving some of that state's difficulties with school funding. Here are some of the issues. [More-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel] (Jan. 12)


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