The Education Innovator #I
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The Education Innovator
 January 13, 2003 • Number I
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High Tech High Philadelphia
How do you reinvent the high school to prepare students to succeed in the 21st century? High Tech High in Philadelphia has a technology-infused curriculum and uses modern management practices.

High Tech High Philadelphia was created as an alternative to the traditional high school in order to prepare urban students with the academic and critical thinking skills required by 21st century society. The mission is to ensure all students develop the skills they need, beginning with full preparation for college education. The school is built on high expectations for every student, a mastery-based grading and graduation structure, a project-based, technology infused curriculum, and modern management practices. [Note: High Tech High Philadelphia is now named Mastery Charter High School.]

Note: The featured program is innovative but does not yet have evidence of general effectiveness from a rigorous evaluation. The success of the program may not be replicable, depending on unique conditions in differing locations.


What's New
From the U.S. Department of Education
WestEd, one of the Regional Educational Laboratories funded by the U.S. Department of Education, has issued a report on the structure and governance of public education in Los Angeles. This report was commissioned by the Los Angeles Alliance for Student Achievement. (Jan. 12)


Innovations in the News

A 10-year-old girl is having a brain scan. She is helping scientists learn what happens in her brain when she reads. [More-Seattle Times] (Dec. 24)

Teacher Quality
Preparing teachers for schools where students speak many different languages is a challenge. One approach is to send teacher candidates abroad. [More-U.S. News and World Report] (Dec. 9)

Charter Schools
Students are logging on to about 50 virtual charter schools nationwide. Students and teachers interact from these computer classrooms. [More-U.S. News and World Report (Dec. 9)


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