May 10, 2006 Extra Credit
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May 10, 2006

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"Dramatic Breakthrough"

The Following editorial, excerpted below, appeared in the Miami Herald (5/4/06):

"The good news about third graders' improving reading and math skills was the same all over Florida — but the gains were even better in some of South Florida's most troubled schools…."

"Like Gov. Bush, Mr. Crew [Miami-Dade County Superintendent] and Miami-Dade's School Board deserve credit for pushing the new direction in schools. Credit, too, the Bush administration's No Child Left Behind program, which pressured states to increase test results…."

"This means that more children are acquiring at an early age the basic skills for future success and, as important, that fewer of them are failing…."

"The gains show that children across all social, economic, racial and ethnic strata can excel with early intervention, good technique and motivated teachers…."

"Those schools include children from minority groups, poor families, immigrants and others who often have been deemed too much of a challenge…."

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