July 7, 2005 Extra Credit
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July 7, 2005

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"Collectively, We Did It"

The following are excerpts from a recent Nashville City Paper article highlighting the achievement of Tennessee students on state tests.

"Metro’s school-level achievement test results released Tuesday show double-digit gains in many schools, including some of the city’s most challenged."

"The percentage of students testing proficient at Smithson-Craighead Academy (SCA), Nashville’s first charter school, jumped 28 percent in reading, 24 percent in math, 19.7 percent in science and 20 percent in social studies.

"‘I am just so thankful to the staff and students here, to the hard work they’ve done,’ SCA official Janelle Glover said in gratitude to the school’s supporters. ‘Collectively, we did it.’

"Smithson-Craighead co-founder Sister Sandra Smithson said she would like to see such gains across the country.

"She said children taking ownership of their school and viewing it as a place they want to be is critical.

"‘Kids form personal relationships and they perform those relationships,’ Smithson said. ‘When you establish that personal bond, they will work for you and they will work hard for you.’

"Fifty-two Metro schools increased 10 percent or more in reading, while schools like Glengarry, Bellshire and Warner increased by 24 percent or more.

"Madison, a K-12 school for students receiving special education services, had six times the percentage of students testing proficient in science and tripled the percentage proficient in reading."


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