May 25, 2005 Extra Credit
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May 25, 2005

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"We’ve Refocused and I Think We’re Starting to See the Results"

The following are excerpts from an article in today’s Oshkosh Northwestern (WI) highlighting improved student achievement in Oshkosh, Wisconsin:

"Students in Oshkosh matched or outperformed their statewide peers in most grades or subjects on the state Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination achievement tests, according to test scores released by the state Tuesday. The district’s scores also put it well out of danger of missing federally-mandated achievement scores.

"‘We came through with flying colors,’ said Phil Eickstaedt, director of standards and assessment. Oshkosh North High School is also in the clear after this year’s scores. Last year, North was given a warning because the school’s Asian-Pacific Islander sub-group failed to make required performance measures. ‘That’s been more than cleared up,’ Eickstaedt said. ‘We’re feeling really good about that.’

"Eighty-five percent of fourth-graders in Oshkosh scored proficient or better in reading compared with only 82 percent statewide. Also, 79 percent of fourth-graders scored proficient or better in math, compared to 72 percent statewide. Eighth-graders made the biggest improvement, jumping from only 71 percent proficient in math on 2003’s test to 82 percent this year. Tenth-graders also made gains from 68 percent to 76 percent proficient in reading this year."

"‘The district has been working hard to reinvigorate our curriculum. We’ve refocused and I think we’re starting to see the results of that,’ [Eickstaedt] said."


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