June 14, 2004 Extra Credit
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June 14, 2004

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Michigan Superintendent of Public Instruction Calls for Embracing the Moral Imperative of NCLB

The following are excerpts from a recent interview of Secretary Rod Paige, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tom Watkins and CEO of Detroit Public Schools Dr. Kenneth Burnley on the Paul W. Smith Show on News Talk 760 WJR in Detroit:

Dr. Kenneth Burnley: "Everybody in Detroit has embraced [No Child Left Behind], and as you can see we're getting results, the scores are going up, people [are] working hard … it is a challenge, there is no question, it's an out-an-out challenge, but our students and our principals, our staff are making that happen."

Paul W. Smith: "You should know the last line of the Associated Press story on the wire this morning, regarding your visit here, U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige, comes to us from Kathleen Strauss, president of the Michigan Board of Education, who says the law, the No Child Left Behind Act, has: ‘hindered, not helped, Michigan Students.’ "

Secretary Rod Paige: "Well … we can't be deterred by it, comments like that, maybe she really thinks that, but I do suggest she take a closer look at it. It's clear that the law is making progress, what is the problem with asking that a kid reads on grade level, computes on grade level?"

Dr. Tom Watkins: "We need to embrace the moral imperative of this law. Whose child do we want to leave behind? Yours? Mine? Someone's down the street? It's about, truly investing in education, it's the best economic development program we have as a state and a nation, investing in our children today, because all of our children need to be able to think for a living, not just live for a living."


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