June 4, 2004 Extra Credit
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June 4, 2004

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Dire Predictions For Wisconsin Schools Disproved
Number of schools in need of improvement drops; State's shorter list result of test score gains

Thanks to No Child Left Behind, the achievement levels of students who have traditionally been left behind can no longer be masked by school averages. Schools that do not meet state-defined academic achievement benchmarks for each sub-group of students for two years are defined as "in need of improvement." The following are excerpts from an article in yesterday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporting that the number of schools in need of improvement is shrinking:

"This year, the Department of Public Instruction put 54 schools on the list, including 44 in Milwaukee; last year, the state named 68 schools, including 56 in Milwaukee. 'There have been a lot of doom and gloom predictions about the list, with folks expecting it to grow and grow and grow so that in just a few years, every school would be identified for improvement,' said Deb Lindsey, director of research and assessment for Milwaukee Public Schools. 'But if this year is any trend, that certainly doesn't appear to be the case.'"

"Tony Evers, deputy state school superintendent, said the shorter list resulted from test score gains - particularly by elementary students - as well as a huge push by schools to have more students take the test, the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination."


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