May 20, 2004, Extra Credit
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May 20, 2004

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Pennsylvania Group Calls No Child Left Behind a Continuation of Brown v. Board

The following excerpt is from a recent article in The Patriot-News highlighting the Pennsylvania No Child Left Behind Coalition's rally in Harrisburg on Monday:

"A coalition of business leaders, educators and parents urged schools yesterday to embrace the federal No Child Left Behind Act, calling it a continuation of the Supreme Court's landmark Brown v. Board of Education ruling."

"Rallying in Harrisburg on the 50th anniversary of the historic ruling that banned racially segregated schools, the Pennsylvania No Child Left Behind Coalition praised the law's goal of having all students achieve math and reading proficiency by 2014."

"In Pennsylvania, 59 percent of white students attained passing scores on last year's state math tests, compared to 21 percent of black students and 26 percent of Latino students. In reading, 30 percent of black and Latino students passed the test, compared to 68 percent of white students."

" 'There is no excuse for this,' said Colleen Sheehan, a Villanova political science professor and coalition chairwoman."

" 'We still today have work to do to fulfill the promise and the hope of Brown,' Sheehan said. 'Today some children in America are not being given an equal opportunity. Some are not receiving even the basics of a quality education.' "


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