May 18, 2004, Extra Credit
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May 18, 2004

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"Don’t Fail Your Child"

Under No Child Left Behind, low-income children in schools that do not meet state-defined benchmarks for three years become eligible for supplemental services such as free tutoring. The following are excerpts from a Gary, Ind., Post-Tribune article, "Gary tutoring program heralded," highlighting the Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation’s efforts to inform parents about the free tutoring available for their children:

"Above the barbershop near 21st and Broadway, a billboard featuring the face of a young female student intently reading a book is hard to miss — particularly when the words, `Don’t Fail Your Child,’ are in huge letters beneath an offer of free tutoring. Kevin Teasley, president and CEO of Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation (GEO), hopes the posted phone number will become very popular".

"Teasley, who works in the not-for-profit foundation’s Indianapolis headquarters, joined members of the Gary office, local dignitaries, and after-school tutoring programs and supplemental educational services representatives at a news conference kicking off the free tutoring campaign. He said the foundation has secured 10 billboards around the city to help get the word out."

"GEO was awarded a $300,000 federal grant to help get the word out in this area. LeVon Whittaker, director of parent leadership at the Gary GEO office, said other measures will be taken to make sure parents are aware of the tutoring program. `There are plans to canvass the neighborhoods and literally knock on doors and let people know about the services,’ Whittaker said."

This article was published in the May 14, 2004 edition of the Post-Tribune. It is no longer available online.


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Last Modified: 05/19/2004