August 25, 2003, Achiever
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August 25, 2003
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Highly Qualified Teacher Provisions Help California Middle School Principal Recruit "The Best Staff I've Ever Had"
Following is an excerpt from an article in Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle:

"It's the start of the new school season, and for the first time in years, every new teacher hired at Chavez Middle School in Hayward is qualified for the job. Principal Sid Haro is thrilled.

"'This is by far the best staff I've ever had,' Haro said. 'The staff is fully credentialed, they have experience in their areas, they're energetic, and they want what's best for the child.'

"Hiring unqualified teachers had been customary at Chavez and at many schools across California, where 1 in 8 teachers was unqualified to run a classroom last year, state records show. Most of those teachers have been concentrated at schools with the neediest children. At Chavez, 29 percent of teachers lacked a proper credential last year.

"But that is slowly changing as students return to school this year. [The No Child Left Behind] law requires all public schools receiving Title I funds for low-income children to hire only 'highly qualified teachers.' In California, that's about 5,600 schools, or half the state total."


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