August 14, 2003, Extra Credit
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August 14, 2003
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No Child Left Behind Grant Helps Wisconsin Teachers Use Technology To Improve Student Learning
Following is an excerpt from an article in Tuesday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"Balancing technological savvy with students' ability to analyze and interpret information was a hot topic Monday at a weeklong academy at Eisenhower High School. More than 130 teachers are attending 'Moving Toward Transformation,' an information and technology literacy program put on by four school districts: New Berlin, Muskego-Norway, Mequon-Thiensville and Racine Unified.

"The academy is funded by a $230,000 federal grant awarded to the four districts as part of the No Child Left Behind education reform plan signed into law last year by President Bush.

"On Monday, educators said that in the past decade, considerable emphasis has been placed on pumping up technology but the focus has been more on equipment than on training teachers to use technology in ways that would improve student learning.

"But many districts are beginning to change their focus, said Kevin Messman, coordinator of instructional technology for the New Berlin district.

"'If we would've run this academy even three years ago, it would've focused solely on the 'stuff," Messman said. 'Now, we're focusing more on instructional design. We want teachers to ask the essential questions to plan for the 'big idea' in their lesson plans . . . not just using the equipment.'"


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