July 30, 2003, Extra Credit
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July 30, 2003
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New Options For Parents Are Making A Difference In Illinois
As reported in yesterday's Moline Dispatch, "[Rock Island, Illinois parent] Shane Davis wants to make sure his child doesn't get left behind. He was notified recently he could send his daughter, Breanna Davis, to a different school. Her home school, Edison Junior High, was on an early warning list because too few students had made enough progress on standardized tests for the past two years."

Mr. Davis summed up his views this way: "If my kid's not getting an education at Edison Junior High because they're not meeting standards, then we need to change. The most important years of a child's life are these developmental years. [Washington Junior High] was performing much better, and their students are scoring much higher."

Other parents are also taking advantage of the new options offered under No Child Left Behind. The Moline Dispatch quotes officials as saying "the school district has received 'in excess of 100' transfer requests related to No Child Left Behind."

And the district is working hard to help meet the requests of every parent. Bill Osborne, the director of No Child Left Behind services for the Rock Island-Milan school district, is quoted stating: "We're still working out the details of the transfers, but our goal is to accommodate everyone."

The complete text of this article was originally published in a July 2003 edition of the Moline Dispatch. It is no longer available online.


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