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A television series about ways to ensure children's educational success.
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Education News is pleased to announce the publication of its new brochure. Hard copies will be available through the U.S. Department of Education's publication warehouse, EDPubs. this brochure, like most products at EDPubs, is in the public domain, feel free to download it for use in your local publicity and scheduling efforts.

[downloadable files] PDF file


Press Release

Prior to each Education News program, the Department of Education produces a press release. To access it, please visit


Logos and Letterhead


30 Second Promo

Education News offers a 30 second promo for broadcast, with 20 seconds for content and 10 seconds blank for local identification. The promo is available in VHS or Beta SP only. Please e-mail with your request. Please be sure to include your name, organization or station address and phone number.


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Last Modified: 07/25/2013