March 2003 Show Resources -- Helping Your Child Become a Good Citizen
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Resources and publications for parents and schools
No Child Left Behind
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Education News Parents Can Use
A list of guest panelists on the March 2003 Education News Parents Can Use

Resources and publications for parents and schools

Helping Your Child Series

The Helping Your Child publication series focuses on providing parents with tools and information necessary to help their children succeed in school and life.

Tips for Parents on Keeping Children Drug Free

Provided in English and Spanish, the tips contained within this booklet will help parents lead by example and provide tips for keeping their child drug free.

USA Freedom Corps

This government agency works to strengthen and support service and help find opportunities for every American to start volunteering. Learn about the recently created President's Council on Service and Civic Participation.

Learn and Serve America

As part of the National Corporation for National and Community service, Learn and Serve supports service-learning programs in schools and community organizations that help students from kindergarten through college meet community needs, while improving their academic skills and learning the habits of good citizenship.

We the People

We the People Initiative launched by the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH). NEH encourages scholars, teachers, filmmakers, curators, and librarians to submit grant applications that explore significant events and themes in our nation's history and culture and that advance knowledge of the principles that define America.

Students in Service to America

This site offers many free resources and tools that may assist the design and implementation of service projects and service-learning programs. The site also provides a free online guidebook to help plan student service opportunities.

The Center for Civic Education

The Center specializes in civic/citizenship education, law-related education, and international educational exchange programs for developing democracies. The Center created an instructional program—We the People... The Citizen and the Constitution—to promote civic competence and responsibility among the nation's elementary and secondary students.

The First Amendment Center at the Freedom Forum

Along with Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development , the center offers First Amendment Schools, a national initiative designed to transform how schools model and teach the rights and responsibilities of citizenship that frame civic life in our democracy.

Character Education Grants Program

A United States Department of Education grant to help create innovative character education programs around the country.

Teaching American History Grants

A United States Department of Education grant to help support programs that raise student achievement by improving teachers' knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of American history.

Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE)

CIRCLE conducts and funds research for practical implications for those who work to increase young people's engagement in politics and civic life.

Darrel Green Youth Life Foundation

This foundation strives to create opportunities for children and families living in insecure environments by providing a strong foundation in education, values-based development, family life, and community support.

National Parent Information Network

The National Parent Information Network (NPIN) is a project of the ERIC system, which is administered by the National Library of Education. The mission of NPIN is to provide access to research-based information about the process of parenting, and about family involvement in education. The site features a Virtual Library, the Parents AskERIC question-answering service and the PARENTING-L electronic discussion list.

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No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind

The No Child Left Behind official web site provides resources and information to help answer questions about the new education law signed by President Bush on January 8, 2002.

No Child Left Behind—For Parents

On this site the U.S. Department of Education offers information about school choice, supplemental services, testing and accountability, as well as parenting tips on reading and homework.

The Achiever

The Achiever is a biweekly electronic newsletter published by the U.S. Department of Education that contains news and articles on education reform, tips for parents and teachers, and resources related to No Child Left Behind.

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Darcia Narvaez

Darcia Narvaez is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame who specializes in the fields of moral cognition, moral development and moral education. Dr. Narvaez has formulated a new approach to character education that views character as a set of teachable skills that should be taught across the curriculum in standards-driven instruction. Her model has recently been implemented throughout the state of Minnesota under the title, "Community Voices and Character Education."

Patrick McEvoy

Patrick McEvoy is Principal of Maplewood-Richmond Heights Senior High School in St. Louis, Missouri. The Character Plus program, implemented under Pat's leadership, is widely considered a national model and is credited for the significant positive changes in school culture and student achievement at Maplewood-Richmond. Pat considers character education as the most cost-effective way to improve schools and one of the strongest ways to reach students.

Nicole Tiggs

Nicole Tiggs is a senior at Maplewood-Richmond Heights Senior High School in St. Louis, Missouri. Beyond her role as President of the Student Council and Treasurer of the National Honors Society, Nicole has served as a charter member of the Character Plus team at Maplewood-Richmond. The Character Plus Team is responsible for organizing the character education activities at Maplewood-Richmond, including, most notably, teaching weekly lessons and leading discussions on character related topics during student advisory periods. Nicole aspires to study education at the University of Missouri at Columbia upon graduation.

Charles Quigley

Charles Quigley is the Executive Director and founder of the Center for Civic Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating students to be effective, responsible, informed and participatory citizens. The Center's We the People program is funded by the Department of Education through a direct grant authorized by Congress. The program focuses on the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and fosters civic competence and responsibility among elementary and secondary school students in public and private schools.

Sam Chaltain

Sam Chaltain is the Coordinator of the First Amendment Schools initiative at the First Amendment Center, an independent affiliate of the Freedom Forum. The First Amendment Schools initiative is designed to transform how all schools model and teach the rights and responsibilities of the First Amendment and help students become active and engaged citizens. In May 2002, eleven schools were awarded grants to serve as learning laboratories for democratic freedom.

Sara Leven

Sara Leven is the Service Learning Coordinator at Nicolas Senn High School in Chicago Illinois. In this capacity, Sara is responsible for developing and coordinating the school's nationally acclaimed service learning program and facilitating their school-wide Student Advisory Program. Nicolas Senn High School was recently selected as a National Service Learning Leader School by the Corporation for National and Community Service for their excellence in service learning leadership.

Robert Gibbs

Robert Gibbs is a senior partner with the law firm of Brunini, Grantham, Grower and Hewes and serves as the chapter president of the 100 Black Men of Jackson, Mississippi. With a mission to improve the quality of life and enhance educational opportunities for African-Americans, members of the 100 Black Men of America serve as a strong force for overcoming the cultural and financial obstacles that have limited the achievements of African-American youth, particularly young African-American males. Members are committed to empowering young people through mentoring, education, health and wellness and economic development programs.

Amy Cohen

Amy Cohen is director of Learn and Serve America at the Corporation for National and Community Service. Learn and Serve America is one of three programs managed by the Corporation for National and Community Service, a proud part of the USA Freedom Corps. Learn and Serve distributes $43 million annually in grants to support community service and service-learning programs based in schools, community-based organizations, and higher education institutions throughout the United States. Learn and Serve America also administers the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse, the nation's source for service-learning information as well as recognition programs for students who serve.

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