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The College/Career Affinity Group presents promising practices and research in college access, persistency, completion and career preparation.

Calls are on a monthly basis and are about one hour long. Presentations, transcripts and audio from each call are below, in addition to:

College Access Affinity Group Calls and Resources

Jun 25, 2015—Part II—Pivot Points in College Readiness Voices From the Field

Presentation: Voices from the Field
Speakers: Linda Jensen, Director, Arizona College Access Network — Junive and Louie—Voices from the Field
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 16, 2015—Delaware Goes to College

Presentation: This presentation examines Delaware's College and Career Strategies
Speakers: Shana Payne, Director, Delaware Higher Education Office, Delaware Department of Education
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Jun 4, 2015—The Power of Award Letter Review and Data Analysis

Presentation: Join with uAspire, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Spring Branch ISD and YES Prep Public Schools to learn more about the purpose, key strategies, and research-based impact of award letter review and data analysis with students and families.
Speakers: Lena Eisner, Early College Planning Initiative Harvard Graduate School of Education — Donald Kamentz, YES Prep Public Schools — Laura Keane, uAspire — Erika Scott, Spring Branch ISD
Call: Audio | Transcript

May 28, 2015—Youth Voice

Presentation: Featuring young people from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.
Call: Audio | Transcript

May 21, 2015—A Conversation on Student Load Debt

Conversation Outline: An Open Conversation on Key Affordability Question: 'What is the maximum amount of debt you advise a first generation student assume per year and in total over the course of his/her undergraduate studies?'
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May 14, 2015—Reach Higher Convening

Presentation: Join us for an update on the Reach Higher convening held at San Diego State University, November 17th and 18th 2014 and also hear plans for the 2015 convening. You can access the full White House Report from the link:
Call: Audio | Transcript

Apr 29, 2015—Amazing Free College and Career Access Tools from ED and Your Colleagues

Presentation: Get links to dozen of free college access materials and hear from the creators of each tool.
Speakers: Jamie Jacobs, Director of Professional Development — Crystal Byndloss, Senior Research Associate, MDRC — Anna Leach, Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships — Jaqueline Cortez-Wang, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics — Wendy Bhagat, Office of Federal Student Financial Aid — David Arendale, MAEOPP — Kelly Sparks, Chief Executive Officer and Founder Maple Grove Objective, LLC — Maud Abeel, Assoc. Dir. and Teri West, Consultant, Postsecondary Success, FHI 360 — Tyler Coon, Director, ACT Profile — Brian Sales, Dir. Training and TA, Mentoring
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Apr 21, 2015—College Advising Corps (CAC)

Presentation: Hear first-hand from College Advising Corps (CAC) Founder Nicole Hurd on the multiple level strategies being deployed to increase low income, first generation postsecondary completion rates. Dr. Eric Bettinger will share research insights on CAC's impact. We'll also hear from voices in the field on CAC's impact.
Speakers: Dr. Nicole Hurd, Founder and CEO, College Advising Corps — Donald Gilliam, College Adviser, Gateway STEM High School, Missouri College Advising Corps — Dr. Elizabeth Bender, Principal, Gateway STEM High School, St. Louis, MO — Dr. Eric Bettinger, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University
Call: Audio | Transcript

Apr 15, 2015—The Critical Importance of Mentoring

Presentation: On April 15th we will shift our attention to the critical importance of mentoring at the postsecondary level through the research of Dr. Gloria Crisp at University of Texas/San Antonio and that of the Summer Search and One Million Degrees Program.
Speakers: Tammy Tai, VP and Chief Mission Officer — Brian Sales, Dir. Training and TA — Mike Garringer, Dir. of Knowledge Management — Sandra Louk Lafleur, National VP of Program, Summer Search — Paige Ponder, Chief Executive Officer — Gloria Crisp, Associate Professor at UT San Antonio and Associate Editor of The Review of HE and NDIR
Call: Audio | Transcript

Apr 9, 2015—Role for Mentoring Educational Success

Presentation: In our second look at Mentoring following the in-depth GEAR UP presentation, we will look at its impact during the high school years through the research of Dr. Bernadette Sanchez, De Paul University and that of the Take Stock in Children and iMentor organizations providing intensive mentoring services.
Speakers: Tammy Tai, VP and Chief Mission Officer — Brian Sales, Dir. Training and TA — Mike Garringer, Dir. of Knowledge Management — Madeline Pumariega, President/CEO, Take Stock in Children — Tarika Barrett, PhD, Chief Program Officer, iMentor — Bernadette Sanchez, PhD, Associate Professor, DePaul University
Call: Audio | Transcript

Apr 1, 2015—The Kalamazoo Promise

Presentation: The Kalamazoo Promise is one of the earliest and most generous place-based college scholarships in the country. The 'Promise' provides graduates of Kalamazoo Public Schools with generous college scholarships with few eligibility restrictions. Tune in April 1, 2:00-3:00pm EDST to hear how the 'Promise' has impacted Kalamazoo's housing, economic development along with other aspects of the community.
Speakers: Janice M. Brown, Trustee, The Kalamazoo Promise — Bob Jorth, Executive Director, The Kalamazoo Promise — Tim Bartik, Senior Economist, W.E. Upjohn Institute
Call: Audio | Transcript

Mar 24, 2015—The Power of Mentoring

Presentation: The GEAR UP community will present on the power of mentoring. This will be the first of several presentations on mentoring being utilized extensively throughout the college access community.
Speakers: Alex Chough, VP for Government Relations, National Council for Community and Education Partnerships — Adriana Badillo, Director, GEAR UP, California State University, Fullerton — Matt Orem, Director, College Access, Institute for Public School Initiatives, The University of Texas at Austin — Willie Castrejon, College Preparation Advisor, Somerset High School (TX)
Call: Audio | Transcript

Mar 19, 2015—The Road Map Project

Presentation: The Road Map Project is a region wide effort aimed at improving education to drive dramatic improvement from cradle to college and career. The project builds off of the belief that collective effort is need to make large scale improvement on education outcomes. The Road Map Project is one of the most powerful examples in the country utilizing the collective impact theory of change.
Speakers: Mary Jean Ryan, Executive Director, Community Center for Education Results — Kirsten Avery, Director, Community Center for Education Results
Call: Audio | Transcript

Mar 12, 2015—The Part II of the School Counselors and College Access Professionals "Pre and In-Service Training in College and Career Readiness "

Presentation: Part two of reports from the November 2014 San Diego State University Reach Higher convening addressing the pre and in-service training of school counselors and college access professionals in college and career readiness. The largest Affinity call audience occurred for the recent reports shared on February 18th by leaders from GA, FL, OR and MA as to developments on the credentialing, certification, course development and policy fronts.
Speakers: Judith Lorimer, Deputy Director, Options Center, Goddard Riverside Community Center, Harlem, NY — Stuart Chen-Hayes, Associate Professor, CE/School Counseling, CUNY Lehman College, Co-Chair, TSCCAIN, Bronx, NY — Gloria Jean, President, New York State School Counselor Association (NYSSCA), Adjunct faculty, The College of Saint Rose, School Counseling program, Albany, NY — Tim Conway, President, New Jersey School Counselor Association (NJSCA), Director of School Counseling, Lakeland Regional HS, Wanaque, NJ
Call: Audio | Transcript

Mar 3, 2015—To and Through

Presentation: The Chicago Consortium on School Research will present findings from 'To and Through' the remarkable increase in BA attainment rates by Chicago Public School students over the past decade. Nearly 2000 additional CPS graduates are completing BA degrees than in 2007 with the expectation that CPS will reach the national average within the next couple of years. Researchers Jenny Nagaoka and Kaleen Healey will share this remarkable accomplishment.
Speakers: Jenny Nagaoka, University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research — Kaleen Healey, Deputy Director, University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research
Call: Audio | Transcript

Feb 25, 2015—DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

Presentations: An overview of DACA and an update on financial resources to support postsecondary education
Presenters: Adam Essex and Rene Tiongquico, US Department of Education, Student Financial Aid
Call: Audio | Transcript

Feb 18, 2015—Strengthening College and Career Knowledge

Presentations: Universities, state officials and school districts are responding to the challenge put forth by the First Lady to deepen and formalize college and career knowledge. Hear from leaders — Carolyn Stone (Florida); Pamela Paisley (Georgia); Bob Bardwell (Massachusetts); and Gene Eakin (Oregon) — on what they are doing to address this call to action.
Speakers: Carolyn Stone, Professor and Counselor Educator, University of North Florida — Pamela Paisley, Counseling & Human Development Services, University of Georgia — Bob Bardwell, School Counselor & Director of School Counseling, Monson Innovation High School — Gene Eakin, School Counseling Program Lead, Oregon State University
Call: Audio | Transcript

Feb 11, 2015—Competency-Based Education

Presentation: What is it & will it promote or prohibit college & career readiness?
Speakers: Alison Hramiec, Boston Day and evening Academy — Kim Carter, QED Foundation & Mc2 — Paul Leather, New Hampshire Department of Education — Stephanie Krauss, The Forum for Youth Investment
Call: Audio | Transcript

Feb 5, 2015—Professional School Counselors

Presentation: National Trends in School Counseling State Policy
Speakers: Dr. Julie Hartline, Cobb County School District School Counseling Consultant — Alice Anne Bailey, Ph.D., Director, Go Alliance, Southern Regional Education Board
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jan 21, 2015—Reach Higher

Presentation: Reach Higher—Recap of the First Year and Plans for 2015
Speakers: Eric Waldo, Executive Director of the First Lady's Reach Higher Initiative
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 25, 2014—Non-cognitive Factors and Young Adult Success

Presentation: Non-cognitive Factors and Young Adult Success
Speakers: Jenny Nagaoka, Deputy Director, University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 17, 2014—Repurposing the Work of School Counselors

Presentation: Repurposing the Work of School Counselors: Galvanizing and Delivering Systemic College and Career Readiness Counseling
Speakers: Judy Petersen, District Director; Director, College and Career Readiness Granite Schools, Granite, Utah — Takesha Briggins, Practicing School Counselor; Graham High School, Newlin Elementary School Alamance-Burlington School System, Burlington, NC — Dr. Venisa Beasley-Green, Practicing School Counselor; Director of Counseling, Freshman Transformation Coordinator Percy L. Julian High School, Chicago Public Schools
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 10, 2014—Building College Knowledge

Presentation: Building College Knowledge: How Graduate Programs in School Counseling are Preparing Graduates to Support College and Career Readiness Counseling
Speakers: Trish Hatch PhD, San Diego State University — Anita Young PhD, Johns Hopkins University — Mandy Savitz-Romer, PhD, Harvard University
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 4, 2014—Presentation by the White House Initiative for Excellence in Education for Hispanics

Presentation: The Graduate Guide
Speakers: Alejandra Ceja, Executive Director of WHIEEH
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 3, 2014—Presentation by the Office of Civil Rights—US Department of Education

Presentation: The Equity Health of Our Nation's Schools: College and Career Readiness
Speakers: Helen Boyer, Office of Civil Rights, US Department of Education
Call: Audio | Transcript

May 22, 2014—The Still Forgotten Middle

Presentation: The Still Forgotten Middle
Speakers: Steve Kappler, ACT, Inc. Assistant Vice President and Head of Postsecondary Strategy — Randy Watson, Ed.D, McPherson USD Superintendent — Quentin Wilson, ALL Management Corporation President & CEO

May 14, 2014—Higher Education Access for Homeless Students

Presentation: Higher Education Access for Homeless Youth
Speakers: Barbara Duffield, Policy Director, National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY) — Cyekeia Lee, Higher Education Director, NAEHCY — Marcy Stidum, LCSW, MPA, Assistant Director, Case Management & Prevention Services, Coordinator of CARE Center Counseling & Psychological Services, Kennesaw State University
Call: Audio | Transcript

May 8, 2014—From Foster Care to College

Presentation: From Foster Care to College
Speakers: Kathleen McNaught, Assistant Staff Director of Child Welfare, American Bar Association's Center on Children and the Law — John Emerson, Postsecondary Education Advisor, Casey Family Programs — Corinne Nilsen, Executive Director, Kansas Kids @ GEAR UP Wichita State University
Call: Audio | Transcript

May 1, 2014—Disconnected Youth

Presentation: Improving Outcome for Disconnected Youth
Speakers: Annie Blackledge, Casey Family Programs Senior Fellow — Ginny Donahue, President, On Point for College
Call: Audio | Transcript

Apr 24, 2014—Students' Developmental Readiness for College

Presentation: Applying a Developmental Approach to College and Career Readiness
Speakers: Mandy Savitz-Romer, Harvard Graduate School of Education — Suzanne Bouffard, Harvard Graduate School of Education — Rhiannon Killian, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Call: Audio | Transcript

Apr 17, 2014—Middle Grades Now

Presentation: Graduation Tomorrow Middle Grades Now!
Speakers: Deborah Kasak, Executive Director, National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform — Lynn Butler, Principal, Alondra Middle School — Melvin Ingram, Principal Ellerbe Middle School
Call: Transcript

Apr 9, 2014—American College Application Campaign

Presentation: ACAC PowerPoint
Speakers: Melissa Caperton, Senior Associate, American Council on Education — Lisa King, Consultant, Michigan College Access Network
Call: Audio | Transcript

Apr 2, 2014—Federal Student Aid

Presentation: Engaging with and Learning From Customers via Social Media
Speaker: Susan Thares, New Media Advisor at U.S. Dept. of Education Office of Federal Student Aid
Call: Transcript

Mar 27, 2014—Long Beach Promise

Presentation: Long Beach Promise Presentation
Speakers: Superintendent of Schools, Chris Steinhauser — Superintendent-President, Eloy Ortiz Oakley — Interim President, Donald J. Para — Director of College Advancement, Public Affairs & Governmental Relations, Mark Taylor
Call: Transcript

Mar 20, 2014—College and Career Readiness Evaluation Consortium

Presentation: CCREC PowerPoint
Speakers: Chrissy Tillery, National Council for Community and Education Partnerships — Weiya Liang, Washington Student Achievement Council — Teena Olszewski, Northern Arizona University
Call: Audio | Transcript

Mar 12, 2014—College Knowledge Challenge

Presentations: Next Generation Solution to Overcoming the 3 Roadblocks to Getting to and through CollegeWOOP To and Through College
Speakers: Keith W. Frome, Ed.D., Co-Founder, College Summit and Executive Director — Gabriele Oettingen, Professor of Psychology at New York University
Call: Audio | Transcript

Mar 5, 2014—Preparing All Students for College Before College

Presentations: Rethinking 12th Grade, Part 1Rethinking 12th Grade, Part 2
Speakers: Joel Vargas, Jobs for the Future — Robert M. Denn, SAILS — Elizabeth Barnett, Community College Research Center
Call: Audio | Transcript

Feb 26, 2014—Expanded Success Initiative

Presentation: ESI Model Update
Speakers: Vanda Belusic-Vollor, Executive Director, OPSR, NYC DOE — Harvey Chism, ESI Fellow — Natalie Ferrell, ESI Fellow — Paul Perry, ESI Fellow
Call: Audio | Transcript

Feb 19, 2014—NYC's Minority Male Achievement Study

Presentation: Succeeding in the City
Speaker: Shaun R. Harper, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education, University of Pennsylvania
Call: Audio | Transcript

Feb 5, 2014—Opportunities for College—Intending Students at Risk for "Summer Melt"

Presentation: College Melt/Summer Nudging
Speakers: Ben Castleman, the University of Virginia — Erin Cox, uAspire — Laura Owen, John Hopkins University — Lindsay Page, University of Pittsburgh
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jan 30, 2014—Building College Going Cultures in Large School Districts

Presentations: SFUSD College & Career ReadinessHigh School Outcomes
Speakers: Bill Sanderson, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction, SFUSD — Karen Fraleigh Norman, Supervisor of Counseling and Post-Secondary Success, SFUSD — Bernard McCune, Executive Director, Office of College and Career Readiness, Denver Public Schools
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jan 22, 2014—Developments on the Front Line

Presentations: Brandy JohnsonLakecia WhimperAndrea SoonachanMatt Niksch
Speakers: Brandy Johnson, Michigan College Access Network — Lakecia Whimper, Chicago Public Schools — Andrea Soonachan, NYC Schools — Matt Niksch, Noble Street Charter Organization
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jan 15, 2014—The Yes We Must Coalition

Presentation: Presentation
Speakers: Gloria Nemerowicz, former President of Pine Manor College (MA) — Gary Bonvillian, President of Thomas University, (GA) — and Nancy Moody, President of Tusculum College (TN)
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jan 9, 2014—FAFSA Financial Aid Toolkit

Presentation: Presentation
Speaker: Cindy Forbes Cameron, Customer Experience, Federal Student Aid, US Department of Education
Call: Audio | Transcript

Dec 10, 2013—Counseling training and professional development programs that help strengthen college-going cultures

Presentations: College Counseling Training Initiative Across Multiple StatesThe Collaborative Counselor Training in UtahThe Options Institute in NYC
Speakers: Alice Anne Bailey, Go Alliance Director for the Southern Regional Education Board — Melissa Kincart, Assistant Commissioner for the Utah System of Higher Education — Lily Owen, Director, and Judy Lorimer, Deputy Director of the Goddard Riverside Community Center
Call: Audio | Transcript

Dec 4, 2013—Using Blended Learning in Rural Areas to Deliver Rigorous Coursework

Presentation: Innovative College Preparation Practices and Supports in Rural Tennessee
Speaker: Vivian Franklin and Nancy Dishner, The Niswonger Foundation
Call: Audio | Transcript

Nov 12, 2013—Building a College Career-going Culture in High Schools

Presentation: Increasing Awareness, Access and Success for College Readiness and Retention
Speaker: Beth A. Arey, College & Career Coordinator, Evanston Township High School, Evanston, IL
Call: Audio | Transcript

Sep 26, 2013—College Access & Selection Tools

Presentation: College Choice Tools: How the Department of Education Is Helping Students Make Informed Decisions About Higher Education
Speaker: Michael Itzkowitz, US Department of Education
Call: Audio | Transcript

Sep 10, 2013—Colorado's Integration of Higher Education and PreK-12

Presentation: Promising Practices in Colorado Bold Moves in a Local Control State
Speakers: Dr. Beth Bean, Director of Research and Information, Colorado Department of Higher Education — Emmy Glancy, Academic Policy Officer, Colorado Department of Higher Education — Misti Ruthven, Director of Secondary Initiatives, Colorado Department of Education — Dan Domagala, Chief Information Officer, Colorado Department of Education — Larry Lemmons, Systems Manager, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment — Gully Stanford, Director of Partnerships, College In Colorado
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jul 31, 2013—FAFSA Completion Project Overview

Presentation: Overview of the FAFSA Completion Project
Speaker: Dena Bates, Federal Student Aid
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 18, 2013—Pell Grants

Presentation: Discussion of Pell Grant
Speaker: Kim Cook, National College Access Network
Call: Audio | Transcript

May 22, 2013—Summer Enrichment Programs

Presentations: DC OSSE Scholars Summer Enrichment ProgramSummer Quest, a Chicago Public Schools Success Story
Speakers: Rhonda Bell, Summer Quest, Chicago Public Schools — Jill Wohrle and Erin Bibo, Office of the State Superintendent of Education, DC
Call: Audio

May 16, 2013—Michigan College Access Network

Presentation: Michigan's College Access Strategy
Speaker: Brandy Johnson, Michigan College Access Network
Call: Audio

Apr 30, 2013—Chicago Public Schools Graduation Pathways

Presentations: Tracking Progress Toward GraduationFreshman on TrackHandbook Freshman Connections, a Strategic Approach
Speakers: Karen Boran, Hancock High School — LaKecia Whimper, Chicago Public Schools — Veniese Bradley, National College Advising Corps
Call: Audio

Apr 24, 2013—NOBLE Charter Schools Postsecondary Data

Presentation: Using Postsecondary Graduation rates to Improve Outcomes for Low Income Students
Speaker: Matt Niksch, The Noble Network of Charter Schools
Call: Audio

Mar 12, 2013—9th Grade on Track

Presentation: Rising On-Track Rates and the Solution to the Dropout Crisis
Speaker: Melissa Roderick and Thomas Kelley-Kemple, University of Chicago

Feb 21, 2013—Diagnostic Surveys and College-Going Culture

Presentation: College Access and Success Assessment (CASA)
Speakers: Emily Chung and Jerry Lucido, University of Southern California

Feb 19, 2013—400 Scholarships, 1 Application

Presentation: Oregon Student Access Commission: Scholarships
Speaker: Vic Nunenkamp, Oregon Student Access Commission

Aug 2012—The Forgotten Summer

Presentation: The Impact of College Counseling
Speakers: Benjamin Castleman and Lindsay Page, Harvard University — Korynn Schooley, Fulton County Schools

Jul 27, 2012—New York City Department of Education

Presentation: Driving the College and Career Readiness Agenda Forwards
Speaker: Andrea Soonachan, New York City Public Schools

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