A Guide to Education and No Child Left Behind
October 2004
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Giving Parents Choices and Creating Innovative Education Programs

No child should be trapped in an underperforming school. Under No Child Left Behind, students who attend Title I schools that do not make adequate yearly progress, as defined by states, for two consecutive years have the option of transferring to a higher-performing public school or a charter school within their district.

The promotion of charter schools is an important component of No Child Left Behind. These schools are held to the same accountability standards as traditional public schools, but they face fewer burdensome regulations. The result is more room for educators to be innovative and more choices for parents.

Support: Funding for choice and options for students and parents expands to $504 million under the president's 2005 budget request--an additional $113 million--to empower families to find schools that best meet the needs of their children, in particular those who need help the most.

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Last Modified: 03/08/2006