Benefits to Private School Students and Teachers
Revised July 2007
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Title II: Preparing, Training and Recruiting High-Quality Teachers and Principals
Title II, Part A--Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund

The Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund provides assistance for preparing, training, recruiting and retaining high-quality teachers. This program is governed by the Uniform Provisions, but the amount of funding available for services to private school personnel is governed by Section 9501 (b) (3), which requires equitable services for private school teachers and other education personnel to the extent that the LEA uses its funds for professional development. For the purposes of determining the amount of program funds for services to private school teachers, the law "imputes" a minimum amount of program funds devoted to professional development as the total amount spent in fiscal year 2001 for professional development under the predecessor Eisenhower Professional Development Program and the Class Size Reduction Program. Activities may include improving teachers' knowledge in the core academic subjects and effective instructional teaching strategies; technology integration training; teaching students with different learning styles; using assessments to improve instruction and student outcomes; involving parents more effectively; and education leadership development.

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Last Modified: 08/22/2007