Benefits to Private School Students and Teachers
Revised July 2007
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Title VI: Flexibility and Accountability

The Flexibility and Accountability authorities in Title VI provide options for SEAs and LEAs to transfer a portion of program funds from a designated program to other specified programs that better address their needs. Each of the programs covered by the transferability authority is subject to the equitable participation requirements. The law requires SEAs and LEAs to conduct consultations with private school officials prior to making any decision regarding the transfer of funds that could affect the ability of private school students and teachers from benefiting from programs for which they are eligible. The SEA or LEA must also provide equitable services to private school students and teachers from the overall funds available for a program, including the transferred funds. An SEA or LEA may not transfer funds to a particular program solely to provide services for private school students and teachers. Rather, private school students and teachers will receive equitable services from the SEA or LEA under the program to which the funds are transferred.

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Last Modified: 08/22/2007