Supplemental Educational Services

Description: What are supplemental educational services?

Legislation: What does No Child Left Behind, section 1116(e), require for implementing supplemental educational services?

Regulations: What do federal regulations require for implementing supplemental educational services?

Guidance: What guidance is available for implementing the law and regulations?

ESEA Flexibility: What does ESEA Flexibility mean for a State educational agency and local educational agencies that were required to meet the school improvement requirements in ESEA section 1116(b)?

Status of States' ESEA Flexibility Requests: Where can I find information about the ESEA Flexibility Requests from different States?

ED Data Express: Where can I find data about elementary and secondary schools in the U.S., including data on SES?

Studies and Reports: Where can I find the research and data on SES?

Technical Assistance: What technical assistance is available for implementing supplemental educational services?

Resources: What information is available to help me understand supplemental educational services?

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Last Modified: 12/11/2012