(a) IN GENERAL.--There is established within the Department of Education a National Library of Education (hereafter in this section referred to as the "Library"), which shall be maintained by the Department of Education as a governmental activity.
(b) FUNCTIONS OF LIBRARY.--The functions of the Library are--
(1) to provide a central location within the Federal Government for information about education;
(2) to provide comprehensive reference services on matters related to education to employees of the Department of Education and its contractors and grantees, other Federal employees, and members of the public; and
(3) to promote greater cooperation and resource sharing among providers and repositories of education information in the United States.
(c) MISSION.--The mission of the Library shall be to--
(1) become a principal center for the collection, preservation, and effective utilization of the research and other information related to education and to the improvement of educational achievement;
(2) strive to ensure widespread access to the Library's facilities and materials, coverage of all education issues and subjects, and quality control;
(3) have an expert library staff; and
(4) use modern information technology that holds the potential to link major libraries, schools, and educational centers across the United States into a network of national education resources.
(d) ONE-STOP INFORMATION AND REFERRAL SERVICE.--The Library shall establish and maintain a central information and referral service to respond to telephonic, mail and electronic and other inquiries from the public concerning--
(1) programs and activities of the Department of Education;
(2) publications produced by the Department of Education and, to the extent feasible, education related publications produced by the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and other Federal departments and agencies;
(3) services and resources available to the public through the Office, including the Educational Resources Information Center Clearinghouses, the research institutes, and the national education dissemination system;
(4) statistics and other information produced by the National Center for Education Statistics; and
(5) referrals to additional sources of information and expertise about educational issues which may be available through educational associations and foundations, the private sector, colleges and universities, libraries and bibliographic databases.
The Library shall maintain and actively publicize a toll-free telephone number through which public inquiries to the Library may be made.
(1) IN GENERAL.--The Library shall, to the extent feasible, provide for the delivery of a full range of reference services on subjects related to education to employees of the Department of Education and such Department's contractors and grantees, other Federal employees, and members of the general public. Such services may include--
(A) specialized subject searches;
(B) search and retrieval of electronic databases;
(C) document delivery by mail and facsimile transmission;
(D) research counseling, bibliographic instruction, and other training services;
(E) interlibrary loan services; and
(F) selective dissemination of information services.
(2) PRIORITY.--The Library shall first give priority in the provision of reference services to requests made by employees of the Department of Education.
(f) COOPERATION AND RESOURCE SHARING.--The Library shall promote greater cooperation and resource sharing among libraries and archives with significant collections in the area of education through means such as--
(1) the establishment of information and resource sharing networks among such entities;
(2) the development of a national union list of education journals held by education libraries throughout the United States;
(3) the development of directories and indexes to textbook and other specialized collections held by education libraries throughout the United States; and
(4) cooperative efforts to preserve, maintain and promote access to items of special historical value or interest.
(g) ADMINISTRATION.--The Library shall be administered by an Executive Director who shall--
(1) be appointed by the Assistant Secretary from among persons with significant training or experience in library and information science; and
(2) be paid at not less than the minimum rate of basic pay payable for GS 0915 of the General Schedule.
(1) IN GENERAL.--The Assistant Secretary shall appoint a task force of librarians, scholars, teachers, parents, and school leaders (hereafter in this paragraph referred to as the "Task Force") to provide advice on the establishment of the Library.
(2) PREPARATION OF PLAN.--The Task Force shall prepare a workable plan to establish the Library and to implement the requirements of this section.
(3) CERTAIN AUTHORITIES.--The Task Force may identify other activities and functions for the Library to carry out, except that such functions shall not be carried out until the Library is established and has implemented the requirements of this section.
(4) REPORT.--The Task Force shall prepare and submit to the Assistant Secretary not later than 6 months after the first meeting of the Task Force a report on the activities of the Library.
(i) TRANSFER OF FUNCTIONS.--There are hereby transferred to the Library all functions of--
(1) the Department of Education Research Library;
(2) the Department of Education Reference Section; and
(3) the Department of Education Information Branch.
(j) COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT POLICY.--Not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this title, the Assistant Secretary shall promulgate a comprehensive collection development policy to govern the Library's operations, acquisitions, and services to users. Such collection development policy shall--
(1) be consistent with the functions of the Library described in subsection (b);
(2) emphasize the acquisition and maintenance of a comprehensive collection of reference materials; and
(3) avoid unnecessary duplication by putting a priority on meeting the information needs of the Library's users through cooperation and resource-sharing with other entities with significant collections in the field of education.
(k) ARREARAGE AND PRESERVATION.--On the basis of the collection development policy promulgated under subsection (j), the Executive Director shall develop a multiyear plan which shall set forth goals and priorities for actions needed to--
(1) eliminate within 3 years the arrearage of uncataloged books and other materials in the Library's collections; and
(2) respond effectively and systematically to the preservation needs of the Library's collections, relying, whenever possible, upon cooperative efforts with other institutions to preserve and maintain the usability of books and materials in the Library's collections.