A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


(a) IN GENERAL.--The Secretary shall use funds appropriated pursuant to the authority of section 241(d) for activities designed to carry out the purpose of this part, including--
(1)providing assistance to technical assistance providers to enable such providers to improve substantially the services such providers offer to educators regarding the educational uses of technology, including professional development;
(2) consulting with representatives of industry, elementary and secondary education, higher education, and appropriate experts in technology and the educational applications of technology, in carrying out the activities assisted under this part;
(3) research on, and the development of, guidelines to facilitate maximum interoperability, efficiency and easy exchange of data for effective use of technology in education;
(4) research on, and the development of, educational applications of the most advanced and newly emerging technologies;
(5) the development, demonstration, and evaluation of applications of existing technology in preschool education, elementary and secondary education, training and lifelong learning, and professional development of educational personnel;
(6) the development and evaluation of software and other products, including multimedia television programming, that incorporate advances in technology and help achieve the National Education Goals and State content standards and State student performance standards;
(7) the development, demonstration, and evaluation of model strategies for preparing teachers and other personnel to use technology effectively to improve teaching and learning;
(8) the development of model programs that demonstrate the educational effectiveness of technology in urban and rural areas and economically distressed communities;
(9) research on, and the evaluation of, the effectiveness and benefits of technology in education, giving priority to research on, and evaluation of, such effectiveness and benefits in elementary and secondary schools;
(10) a biennial assessment of, and report to the public regarding, the uses of technology in elementary and secondary education throughout the United States upon which private businesses and Federal, State, and local governments may rely for decisionmaking about the need for, and provision of, appropriate technologies in schools, by using, to the extent possible, existing information and resources;
(11) conferences on, and dissemination of information regarding, the uses of technology in education;
(12) the development of model strategies to promote gender equity in the use of technology;
(13) encouraging collaboration between the Department of Education and other Federal departments and agencies in the development, implementation, evaluation and funding of applications of technology for education, as appropriate; and
(14) such other activities as the Secretary determines meet the purposes of this part.
(1) IN GENERAL.--The Secretary shall carry out the activities described in subsection (a) directly or by grant or contract.
(2) GRANTS AND CONTRACTS.--Each grant or contract under this part shall be awarded--
(A) on a competitive basis; and
(B) pursuant to a peer review process.