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Indian Education Formula Grants to Local Educational Agencies--
Notice Inviting Part II of Applications for Fiscal Year (FY) 2007

AGENCY: Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of 

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Background: On January 19, 2007, the 
Department published a Notice in the Federal Register inviting 
applications under Part I of the Indian education formula grants 
application (72 FR 2501). In that Notice, the Department established a 
deadline of February 20, 2007 for Part I of the application and stated 
that the Department would publish a notice inviting applications and 
establishing a deadline for Part II of that application once the 
information collection requirements were approved by the Office of 
Management and Budget (OMB). OMB has approved those requirements. This 
Notice invites applications and establishes a deadline for submission 
of Part II of the application. Submissions under Part II will be 
accepted only from those eligible applicants that met the Part I 
    Purpose of Program: The Indian Education Formula Grant to Local 
Educational Agencies program provides grants to support local 
educational agencies (LEAs) and other eligible entities described in 
this notice in their efforts to reform and improve elementary and 
secondary school programs that serve Indian students. The Department 
funds programs designed to help Indian students to meet the same 
challenging State academic content and student academic achievement 
standards used for all students. In addition, under section 7116 of the 
Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended (ESEA), the 
Secretary will, upon receipt of an acceptable plan for the integration 
of education and related services, authorize the entity receiving the 
funds under this program to consolidate, in accordance with the 
entity's plan, the funds for any Federal program exclusively serving 
Indian children, or the funds reserved under any Federal

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program to serve exclusively Indian children, that are awarded under a 
statutory or administrative formula to the entity, for the purposes of 
providing education and related services to Indian students. 
Instructions for submitting an integration of education and related 
services plan are included in the web-based EASIE application system 
described elsewhere in this notice under Application Process and 
Submission Information.
    Eligible Applicants: LEAs, certain schools funded by the Department 
of the Interior-Bureau of Indian Education, and Indian tribes under 
certain conditions, as prescribed by section 7112(c) of the ESEA.
    Application Process and Submission Information: The application 
process for the Indian Education Formula Grants to Local Educational 
Agencies program has changed to the Formula Grant Electronic 
Application System for Indian Education (EASIE), an easy-to-use, web-
based application system. Formula Grant EASIE provides special features 
that will progressively enhance data availability and performance 
reporting for applicants, including the use of data from State 
submissions to EDFacts, the Department's data collection system 
containing performance information from State educational agencies 
about schools and Federal education programs. To the extent that your 
State has provided the necessary EDFacts data files, Formula Grant 
EASIE will be able to interface with EDFacts and pull those LEA-
specific data into the application. Additionally, this new system 
allows the Department to review applications and interact online with 
applicants during the application review and approval process.
    Although you may download and print sample forms from the system, 
the application must be submitted electronically through the Formula 
Grant EASIE unless you do not have Internet access and have made prior 
arrangements with the Department. For approval to submit a paper 
application, you must contact the EDFacts Partner Support Center (see 
the contact information listed elsewhere in this notice under FOR 
FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT) prior to the deadline for transmittal of a 
Part II application. If you are approved to submit a paper application, 
you must meet the submission deadlines included in this notice.
    Registration for Formula Grant EASIE is required. For information 
on how to register, contact the EDFacts Partner Support Center listed 
elsewhere in this notice under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT.
    The Formula Grant EASIE application is divided into two parts--Part 
I and Part II.
    Part I, Student Count, provides the appropriate data entry screens 
to submit your Indian student count totals. The deadline for submission 
of Indian student count totals under Part I was February 20, 2007. 
Applications that did not meet the deadline for Part I will not be 
considered for funding in the initial allocation of awards.
    Part II, Program and Budget Information, provides your award amount 
based on the Indian student count total submitted under Part I. Part II 
also enables you to enter student performance data, identify your 
project's services and activities, and build a realistic program budget 
based on a known grant amount. Based on student assessment data, you 
will select your program objectives and services from a variety of menu 
options that were designed with grantee input.

DATES: Part II of Formula Grant EASIE Available: April 3, 2007.
    Deadline for Transmittal of PART II Applications: May 3, 2007.
    Applications or data submissions under Part II will be accepted 
only from those eligible applicants that met the Part I deadline.
    If funds become available after the initial allocation of funds, 
applications not meeting the deadline for Part I may be considered for 
funding if the Secretary determines, under section 7118(d) of the ESEA, 
that reallocation of those funds to applicants filing after the 
deadline would best assist in advancing the purposes of the program. 
However, the amount and length of an individual award, if any, may be 
less than the applicant would have received had the application been 
submitted on time.
    Deadline for Intergovernmental Review: June 4, 2007.
    Available Funds: $95,331,060.
    Estimated Range of Awards: $3,000-$2,000,000.
    Estimated Average Size of Awards: $80,422.
    Estimated Number of Awards: 1,185.

    Note: The Department is not bound by any estimates in this 

    Project Period: 12 months.
    Applicable Regulations: The Education Department General 
Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) in 34 CFR Parts 75, 77, 79, 80, 81, 
82, 84, 85, 86, 97, 98, and 99.

    Note: The regulations in 34 CFR part 79 apply to all applicants 
except federally recognized Indian tribes.

    Performance Measures: The Secretary has established the following 
key performance measures for assessing the effectiveness of the Indian 
Education Formula Grants to Local Educational Agency program: (1) The 
percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native students in grades 4 
and 8 who are at or above the basic level in reading on the National 
Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP); and (2) the percentage of 
American Indian and Alaska Native students in grades 4 and 8 who are at 
or above the basic level in mathematics on the NAEP.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Contact the EDFacts Partner Support 
Center, Telephone: 877-457-3336 (877-HLP-EDEN) or by e-mail at:

    Individuals who use a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) 
may call the EDFacts Partner Support Center 1-888-403-3336 (888-403-
    Individuals with disabilities may obtain a copy of the application 
package or a copy of this document in an alternative format (e.g., 
Braille, large print, audiotape, or computer diskette) on request by 
contacting the EDFacts Partner Support Center.
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    Program Authority: 20 U.S.C. 7421 et seq.

    Dated: March 29, 2007.
Kerri L. Briggs,
Acting Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education.
 [FR Doc. E7-6172 Filed 4-2-07; 8:45 am]