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[CFDA No.: 84.007, 84.033, and 84.038]

Student Financial Assistance; Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Work-
Study, and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Programs

    Notice of the closing date for submitting waivers of the allocation 
reduction provisions of the Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Work-Study 
(FWS), and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) 

SUMMARY: Under sections 413D(d)(2), 442(d)(2), and 462(i)(4) of the 
Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, if an institution returns to 
the Department for reallocation more than ten percent of its Federal 
Perkins Loan, FWS, or FSEOG allocation for an award year, the 
institution will have its allocation for the second succeeding award 
year for that program reduced by the dollar amount returned. The 
Secretary may waive this requirement for an institution if the 
Secretary finds that enforcement of the requirement would be contrary 
to the interest of that program. The Secretary considers the 
enforcement of this requirement contrary to the interest of that 
program only if the institution returns more than ten percent of its 
allocation due to circumstances beyond the institution's control that 
are not expected to recur. Accordingly, we give notice to institutions 
that returned more than ten percent of their 1999-2000 award year 
allocations under the Federal Perkins Loan, FWS, or FSEOG programs of 
the deadline date for submitting a written request to waive the 
allocation reduction provisions for those programs for the 2001-2002 
award year.

DATES: Closing Date for Submitting a Waiver Request and Supporting 
Information or Documents. If an institution returned more than ten 
percent of its Federal Perkins Loan, FWS, or FSEOG allocation for the 
1999-2000 award year and wants a waiver of the allocation reduction 
provision under that program for the 2001-2002 award year, it must 
submit a waiver request, provide a written explanation for its return 
of those funds, and submit any additional documentation to support its 
explanation by October 1, 2000.

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    An institution requests a waiver by selecting the ``Yes'' box in 
Part II, Section C, Line 6 of its Fiscal Operation Report for 1999-2000 
and Application to Participate for 2001-2002 (FISAP). Provide a written 
explanation of the circumstances that caused the underuse of allocation 
on the electronic FISAP ``Additional Information Screen.'' The 
institution must transmit its request and explanation electronically by 
the established FISAP deadline of October 1, 2000.
    In addition, an institution may mail or have hand-delivered any 
additional documentation that its supports its waiver request. The 
documentation may be included with the FISAP signature page and 
certification forms. The documentation must be mailed to one of the 
addresses indicated in this notice by the established deadline date of 
October 1, 2000. Documents that are hand-delivered must be received by 
5 p.m. on Friday, September 29, 2000.
    We will not consider any waiver request from an institution that 
submits its request and supporting information or documents after the 
closing date.

ADDRESSES: Supporting Documents Delivered by Mail. If these documents 
are delivered by mail, they must be addressed to Electronic FISAP 
Administrator, c/o Universal Automation Labs (UAL), Suite 500, 8300 
Colesville Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910-3289.
    An institution must show proof of mailing these documents by 
October 1, 2000. Proof of mailing consists of one of the following: (1) 
A legible mail receipt with the date of mailing stamped by the U.S. 
Postal Service, (2) a legibly dated U.S. Postal Service postmark, (3) a 
dated shipping label, invoice, or receipt from a commercial carrier, or 
(4) any other proof of mailing acceptable to the U.S. Secretary of 
    If these documents are sent through the U.S. Postal Service, the 
Secretary does not accept either of the following as proof of mailing: 
(1) A private metered postmark, or (2) a mail receipt that is not dated 
by the U.S. Postal Service. An institution should note that the U.S. 
Postal Service does not uniformly provide a dated postmark. Before 
relying on this method, an institution should check with its local post 
office. An institution is encouraged to use certified or at least 
first-class mail.
    Supporting Documents Delivered by Hand. If these documents are 
delivered by hand, they must be taken to Universal Automation Labs 
(UAL), Suite 500, 8300 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, Maryland.
    Documents that are hand-delivered will be accepted between 9 a.m. 
and 5 p.m. daily (Eastern Time), except Saturdays, Sundays, and Federal 
holidays. Documents hand-delivered must be received by 5 p.m. on 
September 29, 2000.

Applicable Regulations

    The following regulations apply:
    (1) Student Assistance General Provisions, 34 CFR Part 668.
    (2) General Provisions for the Federal Perkins Loan Program, 
Federal Work-Study Program, and Federal Supplemental Educational 
Opportunity Grant Program, 34 CFR Part 673.
    (3) Federal Perkins Loan Program, 34 CFR Part 674.
    (4) Federal Work-Study Program, 34 CFR Part 675.
    (5) Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program, 34 
CFR Part 676.
    (6) Institutional Eligibility Under the Higher Education Act of 
1965, as amended, 34 CFR Part 600.
    (7) New Restrictions on Lobbying, 34 CFR Part 82
    (8) Governemntwide Debarment and Suspension (Nonprocurement) and 
Governmentwide Requirments for Drug-Free Workplace (Grants) 34 CFR Part 
    (9) Drug-Free Schools and Campuses, 34 CFR Part 86.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For technical assistance concerning 
the waiver request or other operational procedures of the campus-based 
programs, contact: Ms. Sandra K. Donelson, Campus-Based Operations, 
Student Financial Assistance, 1250 Maryland Avenue, SW., Washington, 
D.C. 20202-5453. Telephone (202) 708-9751. Individuals who use a 
telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) may call the Federal 
Information Relay Service (FIRS) at 1-800-877-8339.
    Individuals with disabilities may obtain this document in an 
alternate format (e.g., Braille, large print, audiotape, or computer 
diskette) by contacting the person listed in the preceding paragraph.

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    Program Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1087aa et seq.; 42 U.S.C. 2751 et 
seq.; and 20 U.S.C. 1070b et seq.

    Dated: August 28, 2000.
Greg Woods,
Chief Operating Officer, Office of Student Financial Assistance.
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